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Friends With Benefits

I have noticed that lately the number of couples in serious relationships are dwindling. The number of divorcees continue to rise as the concept of marriages continue to diminish.

Are You A Sex Addict?
True Confessions: Are You A Sex Addict?

Many people know of this kind of addiction but not many know how to know if someone is a sex addict or not.

Few Words About Foreplay

Foreplay is probably the most important part of the night (or day *wink) between lovers.*

Video of the Day

Rear Entry Family

The Bodyguard

If you’re a fan of spooning, this position shou


Find yourself a sturdy chair and try this posit


With a misleading name, the “acrobat” position

69 Family

69 Kneeling

Warning: Not for the weak of back.

69 Sitting

Whoever said just sitting around all day was a


This party dance just got raunchy.

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