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Getting him to up his Game in the Bedroom

Did you know that regardless of how predictable sex may be, men will always be satisfied? But, that does not apply to women.

3 Mistakes a Woman Can Make in Bed

Not so long ago we talked about his misdeeds as a lover; now it's time for you to learn some female counterparts.

Simply Sexy

Women are constantly looking for ways to turn men on and keep them interested. We are in a constant battle to become “sexy” at all times and grab our man’s attention.

Video of the Day

Rear Entry Family

Rear Entry

This position isn’t very lovey-dovey, but it is

Pearly Gates

You will be in heaven with this super close pos

Prison Guard

“Don’t bend over to pick up the soap in the sho

69 Family

69 Sideways

This position is the oral ideal.

The Face Off

The Face Off is yet another creative position t

69 Standing

This trick is not for beginners.

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