Fun on a long drive with my master

Sun, 08/31/2014 - 20:11 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Sir and I were three hours into a seven hour drive. We'd listened to music and audio books and exercised any conversation we hadn't in the previous days. I started to get restless. I teased sir when we first got in the car- lifting my skirt up my legs and grabbing my thighs- but I hadn't taken it any further.

I wore a long navy dress with blue flowers over a tank top. I looked over at sir driving the car next to me and smiled a filthy smile, hiding my face before he saw it. I quickly slipped the straps of my tank top off. I unbuttoned each strap of my dress. Now I had sir's attention. My dress dropped to reveal my tits. And I slipped shirt off. I calmly buttoned my dress back up and looked to my left. The straps barely covered my nipples . Sir was having trouble keeping his eyes on the road.

I was getting close to coming and my breathing was getting deeper. "Please sir can I come?"

"Do you like my dress better like this?" I asked.

"Yes" he growled, "Good girl."

I pulled my dress together in the middle between my tits and pushed them out.

"How about like this sir?"

He bit his lip and growled. I reached between the seats and found sir's phone. I found the camera and started taking pictures of myself as cars drove past us.

"Careful toy someone might see you."

I smiled, pulled my dress up and slipped off my underwear.

Sir moaned.

I lifted my skirt and sir gave me a look. A look that said I would soon be punished if I didn't stop acting like a bratty tease.

I opened the camera on his phone again. I pulled my skirt up even higher and spread my legs lifting each foot onto the dashboard. I could already tell that my pussy was soaked. I pointed the camera at myself and took a few more photos.

Sir grabbed my pussy hard and starting rubbing it with his fingers while driving with his other band. I squirmed and moaned. He grabbed my hand and placed it over my clit.

"Don't stop touching yourself until I say so."

I lowered my legs and tried to cover them but sir stopped me.

"Keep your skirt up and don't stop touching yourself no matter what."

I reached over to feel my master's dick, it was hard and pushing against the denim of his shorts. I squeezed him hard and pulled his dick out of his pants. I stared at it lovingly kidding him up and down while his one hand moved onto the top of my head. Sir didn't take his eyes off the road as he shoved his dick down my throat. I moaned and starting moving my mouth up and down him. I could feel myself drooling all over his shorts as I tried to breathe and keep touching my clit.

Suddenly satisfied sir let me up for air.

"We can do that at home, I'm having too much fun with you."

We were on a two-lane highway going through fields. A few cars passed but the high windows of out van stopped them from seeing anything.

I saw sir look into his rearview mirror and smile. He pulled into the left lane as I turned and saw a couple of 18-wheeler trucks approaching us.

"Don't stop toy."

I pouted and lowered my eyes avoiding eye contact from any lookers. I kept touching myself. Feeling myself gagging on my master's dick had me really turned on and I found myself moaning just as the truck passed us. I looked at sir but he kept his eyes straight forward.

Another truck came by, I couldn't see if my master was checking to see if anyone saw me or if they saw me at all. Again I moaned.

"Does that make you shy slut?"

"Yes sir"

"Good, I like it when you're shy"

I tried to close my legs slightly as another truck passed but sir grabbed my thigh hard before I could.

"I think the last two saw you."

I kept rubbing my clit.

"Are you enjoying this?", he asked.

I didn't say anything.

"Because you keep moaning whenever we drive past someone."

My cheeks felt hot. I looked down and felt more turned on.

"Good girls don't like that."

"No sir."

I was getting close to coming and my breathing was getting deeper.

"Please sir can I come?"

"Not yet"

We drove past another truck and I looked up slightly to see. I thought about what they would think if they saw me. What I slut I was and clit started throbbing.

Sir started pulling into a rest station. I asked him again and again "Please sir can I come?"

We pulled into a space and sir finally said, "Yes toy you can come."

I came hard with my whole body and thanked him over and over.

Sir got out of the car and I pulled my dress up. I waited patiently until I could kiss him and thank him again.