Just remembering a past experience

Fri, 07/26/2013 - 22:31 -- Anonymous (not verified)

So, a few years back, I found myself newly single and having not been single in awhile, I was aggressively single. I worked out religiously, bought new clothes, went out a lot, set-up dates from websites, etc. I met this girl (let’s call her M) at a friend’s party. She’s 23, short, has a really cute face, and perfect C-size boobs. She has long hair that comes down well past her shoulders, big pretty eyes, and a really sweet smile. After introducing myself to her, I could tell we both felt a mutual attraction, so we spent the majority of the evening talking, flirting, and drinking. At the end of the evening, we exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up at some point. I spoke to my friend about her after M left, and he told me that she was in a relationship since freshman year of college, broke up with her ex a year ago, and hasn’t dated anyone since.

A few days later, I texted her asking if she wanted to grab a drink. We met up for our first date and both had a great time just getting to know each other. I realized fairly quickly that M was just a good girl…no better way to describe her. She’s friendly, nice, genuine, down to earth, and kind-hearted. As alluded to earlier, it’s a huge turn-on for me when nice girls do “bad things” (sorry if that’s weird) with me, so this girl was right up my alley. Nothing happened on our first date, but a few days later, we meet up for date two at a wine bar. After a few glasses, we move to another bar, and before long, we started drunkenly making out. She invited me back to her place, and we had very forgettable sex. Actually, I barely remember it because we were so hammered. When I’m that drunk, it’s impossible for me to finish, and I’m also sure I didn’t give her the sex of her life. So I resolved to fix that the next time we hung out.

By the third date, we stopped going out and just went straight to going to each other’s apartments. I came over to her place with a bottle of wine, and barely into the first glass, we start going at it. I’m lying on top of her on her bed and kissing her. I reach down to squeeze her ass and then bring my hands back up to grab her breasts. Perfect amount of firmness and the perfect size for me. I take her shirt and bra off to reveal her dark, perky nipples and then just go to town on them. I always need to get some solid nipple sucking in before proceeding with anything else. While, I’m sucking on her nipples, I’m rubbing her pussy on the outside of her jeans and she’s already starting to pant heavily. I unzip her jeans and then practically rip them off her. We start kissing again, and I put my finger inside her while her panties are still on. I loved feeling how wet she was and my cock was rock hard at this point eagerly anticipating where it was soon to go. She starts moaning heavier now while we are still kissing. I love it when a girl struggles to kiss because she is moaning with pleasure. I insert a second finger in her and she gasps almost as if it were the first time anyone had ever fingered her. I take off her panties and pick up the pace of my fingering to bring her to her first orgasm. In the midst of all this, she realizes that I’m still completely clothed while she is completely naked, so she takes off my shirt. I resume fingering her, which at this point has resorted to full-on aggressive finger fucking, while she starts turning her attention to my cock by rubbing it on the outside. I take my pants off to give her easier access. Now, we are both naked, and I’m fingering her while she is jerking off my cock.

I gently suggest that she goes down on me. She tells me that she has only given head a few times, so she’s not good at it. I would later learn that she thought giving head was dirty, so she never did it with her ex (poor guy). I reassure her and tell her she’ll do just fine. She nervously gets in between my legs, grabs my cock into her hand, gives me a sweet smile, and says, “I don’t know if I can fit this in my mouth.” I don’t know any guy that would not love hearing that! And just to be clear, I do NOT have a big cock…it is very much average. This is obviously a huge turn-on for me given how much she appears to be enjoying my average sized cock. She says, “just tell me what you want me to do” Gladly :-)

She then takes my cock into her mouth and starts sucking. I suggest that she go down as deep as she can. She probably gets down 4 inches or so, before coming back up and giggling. If I had been dating this girl for longer, I would have grabbed her back down and told her she wasn’t allowed to stop sucking on my dick. But, I just met this girl, so instead, I just put my hand behind her head and gently guide her mouth back around my cock. I tell her “try deepthroating me again.” She goes down a bit further this time and holds it there for a few seconds before coming back up. I take my dick out of her mouth and lay my dick back against my belly, and tell her “lick from the bottom all the way up.” “Suck on my balls. Take my balls completely in your mouth.” She giggles again and opens her mouth as wide as she can to give me a good ball sucking while I’m jerking on my cock. I guide her head back up to my cock , and she resumes sucking on me for a few more minutes. I put my left hand on top of her head and my right hand under her chin and start moving her head up and down as slow or as fast as I want it. I tell her to take my cock out and slap it against her tongue…she smiles, tells me I’m naughty, and gladly obliges. I then tell her to lie down on the bed and rest her head against the headboard. I straddle her over her shoulders and put my cock in her mouth and begin to gently fuck her mouth. I tell her, “massage my balls.” After a minute or two, I move her hand to the side and pick up the pace. I hold her head in place while I more aggressively fuck her mouth. I gradually pick up the pace to a fairly furious speed. I take my cock and slap it against her tongue and then put my balls in her mouth while gently slapping my cock on her forehead. I pause for a minute, lean down, and kiss her. I then put my tongue in her mouth and she starts sucking on my tongue for a few seconds. When I come back up, she starts sucking on my cock again. I reach back and start fingering her to get her going again. Before long, she is loudly moaning and sucks harder the more intensely I finger her. I’m loving this, so I finger her even harder which she follows up with faster, harder dick sucking. Realizing that I’m probably going to bust if this continues any longer, I stop her, spread her legs, and guide my cock insider her soaking wet pussy.

While fucking her missionary, she gasps the occasional “your cock feels so good. I love your cock.” Well, thank you, my cock loves you too. I’m pounding her with her legs over my shoulders, and she is virtually screaming at this point. After her next orgasm, I pull out and straddle her over her shoulders again and start fucking her mouth for a minute or so. I loved that she had no qualms about licking up her own juices. I turn her around so she is on all fours and start pounding her from behind. I start slapping her ass. Gentle left cheek slap, hard right cheek slap, left cheek slap, and every time I do, she yells out “yes!” I push her down onto the bed, so she is lying flat on the bed. She arches her butt up slightly to give me easier access, and I resume my pounding. She yells out and tells me she is going to cum again, so I fuck her a little harder to help her along. After she cums, I see that her phone charger is sitting on her nightstand, so I grab it, bring her hands behind her back, and tie them together with the charger. She is looking back at me giving me that sweet but now slightly naughty smile of hers while I’m tying her hands. I continue to pound her and feel that I’m getting close to cumming, so I flip her back onto her back and straddle her over shoulders. I tell her to suck on me hard and I fuck her mouth as I feel my cock about to explode. After I came (which was a ridiculously satisfying orgasm by the way), she immediately swallowed and continued to suck on my dick for a few more seconds.

I untied her and then flopped back onto the bed completely exhausted. She curled up next to me, which I used as an opportunity to caress her ass and legs and to completely soak in her naked body. I told her I had a great time and really enjoyed the session we just had. She tells me that was the first time she’s ever done doggy style and that was also the first time she’s ever swallowed (both hard to believe at the time, but true). Too bad my cock was so tired at that point because I wanted to turn her around and fuck her all over again as soon as she said that. So with the cock out of commission, I rolled her over onto her stomach, plunged two fingers into her still wet pussy, and fingered her hard until she came again.

We continued to fuck for a few months after that and our sex got increasingly wild (or for some people, maybe weird) before eventually calling it quits. Hope you enjoyed it!