Perks of the job

Sun, 08/31/2014 - 19:59 -- Anonymous (not verified)

I just discovered this sub and immediately thought of this story. I apologize in advance, I'm not the greatest writer but I can assure you that this story is true. This all happened just over two years ago, I was (and still am) working as a fire fighter/paramedic in a major US city. I was 28 at the time and while I'm not, nor was I then, the type to land in one of those 'sexy firemen' calendars, I workout regularly and keep myself in pretty good shape (not to mention that I've been told on several occasions the uniform does wonders with the ladies).

I've always thought that one of the most satisfying parts of a fire fighters job is our interaction with the general public. Mostly that is accomplished on the scene of fires/car wrecks/heart attacks/etc. Thankfully we also get to interact with people in non-emergency settings. One such setting is on weekends when we sit outside the station and talk/give tours to passer-bys. It was on such a weekend I met Julia. I had seen her come by the station before with her young son and talk up a bunch of the guys, but on this particular Sunday it was just me outside when she came up. Everything started out innocent enough, her son entertained himself with the bells and whistles on the rigs and Julia and I made small talk. I found out she was Polish, 29 years old, had a husband that worked as a truck driver and was gone for stretches of time and that most of the time it was just her and her son at home. It did not take a degree in psychology to tell that she was lonely. At this point I can tell you there was a reason that whenever Julia came around the station she was speaking with a 'group' of guys. Julia was a fox! About 5'6", 110 lbs., dirty blonde hair, very cute face with a firm c cup and a nice round ass. She also seemed to like to wear these short skirts and tight tank tops that really drew attention to her fit body. For the most part our conversation that first time remained simple but towards the end it started to become a little more personal and flirty. She began asking me about myself, where I live, where I like to go out when I'm not at work, if I have a wife or girlfriend, etc. I told her where I lived, where I drink and that I was currently single. She listened politely enough as I spoke about my neighborhood but I couldn't help but notice her eyebrows raise as I mentioned that I was single. At this point her son was getting fidgety and wanted to go home, so we had to say good bye. I told her I enjoyed speaking with her and if she would ever like to talk again to feel free to come by the station any time (pretty standard stuff).

Julia came by a couple more times in the next couple of weeks and each time the conversation became more personal until she was basically telling me outright how bored and lonely she was and how she feared her husband was unfaithful to her when he was gone. Then finally one Saturday Julia shows up to the station (at this point I'm sure she's memorized my schedule) without her son. She's wearing a short white skirt with a purple tank top and her hair up in a pony tail (I'm a big fan of pony tails and that'll come up later). As I see her walking up I ask her 'Where's son's name?' As she continues to walk towards me, without hesitation she responds, 'I left him with a friend, I came here to see you.' I do a quick check around to make sure none of the other guys are around because if I think what is about to happen is actually about to happen, I'd rather not have an audience of my peers. She walks right up to me, leans in and puts her lips next to my ears and whispers 'Is there somewhere we can go?' To this day, the feel of her breath on my neck and the feeling of my heart going from 0-60 mph gets my blood flowing like nothing else.

Quickly, I start thinking about where we can go. Inside the living quarters is out of the questions since that's where the rest of the crew was enjoying their day. I start scanning the vehicle bay when my eyes fall on a medical supply closet. I knew it wasn't huge but it was clean and not very often rummaged through. It was perfect! I look back at Julia and nod my head towards the door. She grabs my hand and leads me over to the closet. Before the door is even closed she's started working my fly down and has my pants halfway off. In one swift motion she pulls out my cock, kneels down and starts going to town. It was, without exception, the best, most enthusiastic blowjob I've ever received. She took my entire cock into her mouth and begins to flit her tongue around the shaft as she bobs up and down. Within 15 seconds I'm hard as a rock and Julia continues to take me entirely in her mouth. I'm no porn star but I measure in at a respectable 6.5" with equally average girth and this woman sucks me down as if I was rocking a half-chub. I had never been deep throated before but since that time it has been impossible to compare any other blowjobs I've since received. This magic goes an for about five minutes, Julia alternating between only using her heavenly mouth to adding in her equally talented hands, all the while I'm slipping my hand under her shirt feeling up her amazingly firm tits. Julia stops, looks me in the eye and says 'my turn.' That's all I needed to hear. I grab her by the waist and hoist her up onto an open shelf and pull off her skirt and panties and start licking and sucking her professionally manicured pussy until she is writhing and bucking her hips and generally making too much noise for a secret romp in a supply closet. I lift up my eyes and tell her if she's not quiet she's going to get herself in trouble (truth be told, it's very hard to hear anything that goes on in the vehicle bay from the living quarters and I'm all but certain the rest of the crew was asleep). As I go back to work, licking, exploring, massaging, tasting every inch of her deliciously sweet pussy, she continues to moan and thrash about. Finally after another 5 minutes and two tremendous orgasms have passed I looked up at her and said 'I told you to be quiet but you didn't listen. You know what that means?' Sweating and out of breath she looks at me and says 'you need to punish me?' Without even responding I grab her, flip her on her stomach, spread her legs apart with my own and enter her from behind. She was so wet, warm and tight that I nearly lost it the second I got inside of her but I held it together and began to pump away, grabbing her by the pony tail and pulling lightly at first but pulling a little stronger as I heard her moan and saw her look over her shoulder with a smile that told me she loved it a little rough. So I grabbed a handful of her ponytail and rode her like the world was ending tomorrow. I wish I could say that I rocked her pussy for hours but after that incredible blowjob and the amazing feel of her pussy wrapped around my cock it was only a few minutes before I start to feel that familiar tickle. I told her I was getting close and she pulled me out and knelt down and took me in her mouth (all the way again!) and sucked me until I began to empty what felt like my body weight in cum into her mouth. Like a champ she swallowed it all, she stood up, got dressed, gave me a kiss and said 'thanks for listening.' And walked out.

I 'saw' her another dozen times over two months, sometimes at her place sometimes and mine but never again at the station, until one day I got a voicemail from her telling me that her family was moving to another city and she couldn't bring herself to tell me in person (that kinda sucked).

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