Sex with the ex.

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 21:17 -- Anonymous (not verified)

I hadn't seen my ex-girlfriend for months, so it was a massive surprise when I saw her on the bus last Friday. She'd moved to another town for university, but was back in her hometown for the weekend. We had decided not to do that long distance thing and as a result the breakup wasn't too bad; we remained friends and as a result we were on good terms with each other. Shocked to see each other unintentionally, we spent quite a long time catching up and getting to know what had been going on in each of our lives. Neither of us had anything planned for that evening, so we arranged that she would come to my house that night.

During that evening, we both had a few drinks and relaxed together. The conversation switched from old memories, our time at secondary school and eventually into conversations about our past relationship and our first time together. As we were sitting on the settee and watching a film, she placed her head onto my shoulder and rested her hand on my stomach. After a short while, in her softly spoken voice she said, "I've really missed you" and proceeded to turn her face towards mine. I looked into her dark brown eyes for a moment, then down at her lips and back into her eyes. Without thinking, I had wrapped my arms around her, kissed her lips and running my hand through her hair.

We fooled around for a long time; sharing a French kiss, rubbing our bodies together and making out. She sat on top of me, smirking to herself. I asked her what was so funny, she responded by mentioning the bulge in my jeans and said that she couldn't leave me like that. Smiling to herself and slightly biting her lip, she rolled over onto her back and cheekily opened her legs. Placing myself over her, I kissed her neck and ran my hands along her body.

We both helped each other undress, taking off our clothes together and kissing one another's body. I began kissing her calves, moving slowly up to her thighs and eventually kissed around her pink pussy; teasing her, making sure she wanted it as much as possible. I began by licking slowly upwards, from the bottom of her pussy right up to her clit, where I then stopped and sucked on it. Placing her hand on the back of my head and feeling my hair in her fingers, she guided me to where she wanted my tongue and lips to be. Happy, I ate her out for a good fifteenth minutes; she tasted as nice as I remembered and it felt good to know she was enjoying it.

I placed my face near to hers; I could hear her quick breathing and looked into her eyes. Placing the first inch of my dick between her soaking wet pussy lips, I placed my hand onto her tight and eased inside of her slowly, inch by inch. I began to pull in and out of her slowly at first, trying to enjoy every moment of it. The warmth, wetness and pressure of her pussy on my dick felt so good. Gently, I started getting faster and built up into a steady rhythm, all while running my hands through her hair, along her hips and cupping her small breasts.

We changed positions so that she was riding on top of me; she had remember that it was my favourite. With her facing towards me, I had a nice view of her riding my fully hard dick. Her dirty blonde hair and tits bounced in time with her strokes; up and down repeatedly at a comfortable pace. I spoke to her, telling her how lovely she looked, how hard I currently was for her and how tight she was. Her hands were placed onto my chest for support, as she relentlessly rode me, whimpering to herself with pure ecstasy written on her cute face. Her pussy juices started soaking the shaft of my dick and I could feel the it's warmth as it trickled onto my balls. With the pressure building inside of me, I told her I was close to cumming. I stood up, picked her up by her legs and she wrapped her arms around my neck. Pushing her against the nearby wall, I had full control over her, allowing me to force her body against it and let me get as deep into her as possible. Kissing each other, our bodies smacked together and caused a loud bang as we hit the wall, but neither of us cared. I held her close to me, going as fast and as deep as I could. Filling her warm pussy with my hot cum; both of us were exhausted. I finally pulled all the way out of her, allowing some of my cum to seep out of her slightly. Afterwards, we both had a shower and slept together in the same bed until the morning.