Sleeping with my incredibly hot friend. |F/M|

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 00:21 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Lindsey had always been the hottest one in our group of friends. At the time, she was 22 years old, 5’5”, brunette, had beautifully tanned skin and perky D-Cup breasts. Everything about this women was sensual and screamed sex. She was the center of men’s attention, and she loved it. I wanted her so bad. Unfortunately she was dating a Marine who was stationed overseas, and I always considered her off-limits, out of respect.

I think this appearance of non-interest drove her wild because she would blatantly flirt and tease me at parties or get-togethers. Things like touching my abs, extra-long hugs, and kisses on the cheek. I never knew how to respond to these advances without being inappropriate, but I fantasized about her nightly.

After not seeing or hearing from her for a few months we finally had a friend’s birthday at a local sushi joint and she looked sexier than ever. She was wearing a black thin-laced shirt that barely held her breasts up, and a short skirt. I couldn’t stop staring, but still she was off-limits.

After we ate I suggested everyone come to my place for more drinks and some games. The whole night Lindsey was being more flirtatious than usual. She sat incredibly close to me on the couch as we played Cards Against Humanity, and seductively touched my knee as she laughed hysterically at all my jokes. She smelled like sex and her scent was driving me wild each time she drew closer. I had to do my best to contain my arousal.

Eventually people started filtering out of the party until the only ones left were Lindsey and I. I couldn’t believe we were left alone. Every fantasy I had about her began to look like it might soon be a reality, but I kept picturing the marine overseas, and started feeling bad for considering it. I awkwardly tried to avoid her as I cleaned up after the party. She followed close by and kindly offered to help clean. As we were cleaning dishes, she came up and sprayed me with the detachable sink hose. That’s when I immediately sprayed her back, and as she ran away laughing I chased her and wrestled her to the ground. She was still giggling as I straddled on top of her pinning her to the floor. She looked straight at me with the sexiest look I had ever seen in my life. I paused awkwardly while straddling over her and staring at her beautiful lustrous body and trying not to give into the urge. She saw my hesitation and suddenly jerked my face towards hers and we began to make-out.

Her lips were softer and warmer than I ever imagined and I didn’t want to break the embrace, but then I felt that guilt again and sprang out of the kiss and asked her,

“What about your boyfriend?”

She replied, “Oh, we broke up a month ago, he had cheated on me when he came back to visit.”

The guilt was finally gone, and a smile slowly crept onto my face at the same time as hers.

She then asked “so are we good?”

Without hesitation we began making out again.

There we were lying in the middle of my room, making out on the floor while I was on top of her. I couldn’t believe this was happening and my heart was pounding so fast I thought I was having a heart attack. My hand started caressing her hips and moved upwards to the side of her boob. Slowly my courage built up and I caressed her plump breasts over her shirt as we our lips were passionately met. She let out the cutest little moan, and that signaled to me to keep going. I slowly caressed higher on her breasts until my hand was now in her cleavage, slowly massaging her bare skin. She moaned more and reached for my erection hidden beneath my jeans and started massaging my penis through the jeans.

Feeling brave I then reached inside her shirt and slowly caressed my hands toward her breasts. I was now caressing her warm breast over her bra and I could feel as the nipples hardened with my touch. She continued to massage my hard cock through my jeans. I couldn’t take it anymore and went to lift up her shirt. She lifted her arms up and allowed me to undress her as I unraveled her sexy black bra tightly supporting her perfect breasts. I couldn’t wait to see what they looked like, but I wanted to take it slow and keep it sensual.

We immediately went back to making out as I caressed her breast and sometime copped a feel through the inside of the bra. Her breast felt like fire and I couldn’t believe how amazing they felt to touch. She began to unbuckle my belt as we continued to make-out. I helped get the pants off by using one hand to slide them off. With one hand holding her neck as we passionately kissed, I used the other to return the favor and unbuckle her belt and slowly slide off her pants.

We were now embraced passionately on the floor in nothing but our underwear. Just when I was thinking of when to pull the trigger on the bra strap, she turned me over and pinned me to the ground while straddling directly over my cock. I looked up at her face and couldn’t believe at how beautiful she looked as she closed her eyes and her messy hair swept haphazardly across her face. She slowly began gyrating on my cock and I couldn’t believe just how hard she was making me. I felt like my penis was going to explode. I had never seen it get that enlarged before and my confidence was rising.

In what seemed like the a fluid move she reached back while still gyrating on top of my cock and unclasped her lacey bra. She cupped her breasts with her bra still in her arms as she teased me for a few seconds before finally letting the bra fall to the ground. Her breasts stayed just as perky as they were with the bra on and they were everything I had fantasized they would be. She then leaned down on top of me, her perfect bare breasts met my exposed chest and I felt like I was in heaven. She was so incredibly warm and her body felt like nirvana against mine. I slowly reached my hand down to her panties and slipped them off as our lips remained locked. She returned the favor and removed my boxers and we were finally completely naked, sharing in a beautiful embrace.

I spun her around onto her back and began kissing her neck and making my way down to her breast. I nibbled softly on her erect nipples while massaging her other breast and she let out sexier moans with each lick, I didn’t want to stop. I then made my way back up to her neck and she grabbed my face and we began to make-out again.

I reached my other hand slowly down to her vagina and began to lightly pet it, gauging her reaction. She hunched her hip upward in approval and I began to insert two fingers into her wet vagina. Her vagina was perfectly smooth and so incredibly warm inside, and I couldn’t help but picture my penis inside. I began to finger her and she moaned even louder as she broke our kiss. I then proceeded to slowly finger her until she reached her arm down, pushed mine away and began fingering herself. Her moans were so beautiful, that I wasn’t offended she took action for herself.

I went back to nibbling on her perky nipples as she appeared to come increasingly near orgasm while fingering herself. I couldn’t take it anymore, I straddled myself on top of her and removed her hand from pleasuring herself. She gave no resistance as I placed her wet hand by her side sat on top of here. I then used the tip my penis to tease her vagina and with every slight touch my cock tingled with anticipation. I finally pushed it in and stuck it in deep as possible and she let out an incredibly passionate sigh. I paused inside her a second to intake the amazing warmth and tight fit of her pussy.

I still couldn’t believe this was happening. I then slowly and passionately began to thrust back and forth trying to get as deep as possible with each thrust forward. Her head was now leaned completely back and her scent of sex was even more palpable than ever as she moaned in ecstasy. It didn’t seem that long before I started feeling like I was going to finish. She was so fucking hot and sexy that I didn’t want to slow down. Instead I just decided to let it happen and I began to thrust even faster.

Her moans now turned into mere screams of pleasure and I could feel as her vaginal walls convulsed tightly onto my cock. She was glistening in a sexy sweat and had her entire body was now convulsing. I held onto her back as she arched upward and supported herself only with the top of her head. I got up on my knees and continued thrusting inside of her, and I quickly began to reach climax. As soon as I felt I was about to cum, I thrust myself deep inside with one last pump and it felt like gallons of jizz were entering her vagina with incredible force. I was frozen in absolute ecstasy and delight as my entire body shivered with tingling warmth as buckets of jizz kept flowing deep inside her vagina. We slowly collapsed to the ground together while still inside her and we just embraced in our refractory bliss as our sweaty bodies melded together on the living room floor. I collected my breath, and all could say was “wow”.

She smiled, and replied “yes, wow”.

We resumed again in the morning, this time lasting much longer.