(F)ucked in the Ass at a Party.

Sat, 08/10/2013 - 21:34 -- aryaisthebest

In the winter quarter of my Junior year in college I had a bit of a dry spell. It wasn’t that I didn’t have sex, it was that the guys I slept with couldn’t satisfy me. The problem with one night stands is that, while fun, they don’t know enough about my body to bring me to orgasm and I have to finish the job myself, usually after the guy leaves.

I tried to go to at least one party every weekend (except for midterms, finals, etc...) and one particular friday night found myself at a frat party dancing with an ex boyfriend. Lets call him B. He was looking really good and I hadn’t seen him in a few months. We had dated for a while in the past and he knew exactly what I liked and how to please me.

I was wearing a new back-less blue dress with a black thong and flip flops (it was college) and it was nice and hot in the frat even though the front door was open. I was fairly drunk but was having a great time dancing with B. We tried talking while dancing but it was hard to hear over the music and the place was packed, so he asked me if I want to find a more private place to continue our “conversation”. We headed upstairs and found an empty room. B locked the door and we immediately started making out. Soon I got his jeans and boxers down and was giving him a blowjob, while he fumbled with my dress. I got off his penis and stood up and let him pull the dress off of me. My thong quickly followed and my flip flops were left on the floor as he pushed me back onto the bed.

He immediately got on top of me but I managed to stop him and asked if he had a condom. He didn’t so I rolled over and crawled to the side of the bed and started checking the drawers. I was surprised to find a bottle of KY lube, but we didn’t find any condoms. I was soaking wet and horny as hell so I asked B if he is clean and he said he was. So I agreed to have sex without a condom. He immediately grabbed me, rolled me over on my back and pulled me to him by my ankles. Right before he entered he asked if I wanted some lube but I told him I was already soaking wet so he just eased it right in.

I let out a loud moan as he pushed it in and we started fucking on the bed. I was lying on my back while he was on top of me. He reached down and slid his hands under my ass, grabbing my butt cheeks and squeezing them as he pounded me. Pretty soon one of his fingers found my ass pucker and he started playing with it. I was getting into it and asked him to finger my ass. I was so wet and my juices were dripping down my ass crack so everything down there was well lubricated. He easily pushed a finger in and it drove me CRAZY.

I reached down to play with my clit but because he was above me it was hard to get my hand in there. He tried to move a bit but to no avail, so he suddenly pulls out while leaving his finger in my ass and asks me if I want to roll over. I agreed and he pulled out his finger from my as, making a wet popping sound. I rolled over, buried my face in the bed and raised my ass as he entered my pussy. He thrusted all the way in and started pounding me hard. I asked him to go easy and he slowed down, making long strokes as I reached back and played with my clit. He ran his thumb over my ass pucker a few times. I was horny as hell and really wanted to cum. Plus I was pretty sure I was clean down there so I looked back and asked him if he wants to fuck me in the ass.

He didn’t even bother replying as he quickly pulled out and tried to push his penis in. My ass pucker was wet from my juices, but not nearly enough for anal sex. He got the tip of his penis in before I told him to stop and grab the lube from the drawer. After lubing my ass, pussy and his cock he tried again and slowly eased himself in as I pushed against him. Once he was in all the way, he slowly started pumping. Only a bit at first, but as he added more and more lube he was soon able to pump his penis all the way out and back in.

I went back to focusing on my clit and started to feel an orgasm building up. I started moaning louder and he asked me to let him know when I was cumming. As if he wouldn’t be able to tell! As I got louder and louder we suddenly heard his friends outside the door. They were looking for him and yelling his name. B! B! Pretty soon they were right outside the door and were yelling “B! We know you are in there! Who are you fucking?”, etc... For a second I felt my orgasm slip away, but then I remembered that the door was locked and it became a huge turn on for me, knowing they were just outside and we were fucking inside. I began to wonder to myself if they were able to see us through the key hole, as we had left the lights on. B always liked to have sex with the lights on and loved to comment how sexy my body is while fucking me.

Right as I felt the orgasm nearing the point of no return, the lock gave away and the door suddenly burst open and a bunch of his friends piled in. They broke the door handle and loudly stumbled inside as B pulled out in surprise right as I was about to reach an orgasm. I felt the orgasm escaping and I involuntarily yelled “NO! I am so close!” and B pushed his penis right back into my ass and started thrusting like there is no tomorrow. I buried my face in the bed and rubbed my clit as the orgasm washed over me. I didn’t even realize how loud I was until I felt the orgasm subside and suddenly I could hear his friends, laughing and yelling over my own orgasmic screams. I could hear B grunting as he thrusted one last time and I could feel his seed getting pumped into my ass, causing another orgasm to wash over me.

Completely spent, I collapsed into the bed with B on top of me. His flaccid penis popped out and I could feel his seed spilling out of my ass, and down my pussy lips and to my thighs. B managed to get up and started high fiving his friends as they congratulated him while I lay there naked with his cum spilling out of my ass. I was still shaking from the orgasm, barely able to move when B, holding my thong in triumph smacked me on my ass and thanked me for the fuck. Then he got dressed and bailed with his friends, keeping my thong with him. I lay there for a few more minutes before getting up, putting on my dress and flipflops and walked downstairs to join my friends.

My friends asked me where I was and I just shrugged and said I was upstairs. I told them I was tired and was ready to go home and they agreed, so we started walking back to my apartment. The entire way I could feel B’s cum leaking from my ass and running down my leg. I don’t think my friends could see the cum running down my legs in the dark. When we got to my apartment I bid them farewell and was relieved that they didn’t hear my orgasmic screams or saw B with my thong. Right as I reached for the door one of my friends turned around and said something like “I hope that wasn’t your favorite thong!”

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Toward the end of my Sophomore year in college, I dated this guy for a bit. We were really into each other and it felt like things were getting serious quickly. Over the summer he invited me to go on vacation with his family. I want to share my experience here.