My (F)irst completely nude massage. Part 1

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Toward the end of my Sophomore year in college, I dated this guy for a bit. We were really into each other and it felt like things were getting serious quickly. Over the summer he invited me to go on vacation with his family. I am going to be a bit vague on where we went because he is a redditor and this is my throwaway. His father was being sent from work to a European country and they let him take the family with him. They invited me to join them, all expenses paid aside from airfare. I had been saving up money to do something fun over the summer with my friends, and even though I really wanted to go the last minute airfare was out of my budget. Those of you who read my other stories/posts know that my parents would never agree to help pay for me to go. I was itching to get away from my parents and I convinced them to let me stay with my much more liberal aunt and uncle for most of the summer. I told to my aunt about it and she told me she could get me a ticket for free using her miles. I didn’t give my parents enough information to say no, so off I went to Europe.

We ended up staying at this luxury resort hotel. It had everything, a pool, spa, tennis courts, etc... Since this was my first time to a European country, I was hoping we will go travelling and see stuff, but when we arrived I realized the family mostly wanted to hang around the hotel pool all day and do other resort-related activities.

I should add that this being a European country, most of the women at the pool were topless, including my boyfriend’s mom! At one point I was the only girl at the pool with a top on, and after some coaxing from both the mom and my boyfriend, I relented and took my top off. I was extremely embarrassed and self conscience about it. Especially when I rubbed suntan lotion into the very obvious tan lines on my chest as the mom remarked that I need to be careful not to get burned. Just as I was getting comfortable, the dad showed up to join us. He had the biggest grin on his face when he was that I was finally topless. I quickly excused myself and went into the pool for a swim. Swimming topless felt amazingly liberating, and after a few laps when I came out I was feeling a lot more comfortable with myself. The dad was nose deep in a book and no one seemed to care. Just as I was relishing the freedom on being topless, this super cute guy wearing the hotel uniform walked by and I was shocked back into the reality that I was lying there topless for anyone to oggle. I quickly covered myself as he passed and he smiled and winked at me as he went past, obviously amused at my embarrassment.

After the second day of just lounging by the pool, playing tennis, etc... his mom asked me if I want to go to the spa and get a massage with her. Everything was paid by the dad’s company, I was feeling kind of sore from all the activities, so I happily agreed. We went to the spa area of the hotel and checked in with the woman at the desk. She pointed us to this comfy couch and told us to wait. A few minutes later a man and a woman dressed in the hotel uniform come out and go to the receptionist. The woman was young, probably in her 20s and the guy was the same one from the pool earlier, probably in his 30s I would guess but still fairly attractive. The second they stepped out something clicked in my head and I thought to myself that those were the masseuses. I obviously assumed we’ll be given a massage by women and wondered which one of us will get the man.

The receptionist pointed them toward us and they came over and introduced themselves. They asked us who we wanted to give us a massage, and I looked at the mother and let her choose first. She immediately picked the man and I noticed she had a slight grin on her face. I was actually fairly relieved. I have had massages before, but only by woman. Even though I was always covered by a towel or a sheet during a massage it always seemed to me like the masseuse might be able to see quite a bit, so having a woman do it always felt a lot more comfortable.

They led us to a beautiful room with two massage beds and told us to take our clothes off and lie on the beds, then they left the room. The mom immediately started getting undressed, while I stood there wondering whether I should get completely naked or leave my underwear on. In the past I have always left my underwear on and this is what I was planning on doing now, especially with the mother there. I was quite surprised then when she got completely naked and started nearly folding her clothes and placing them on the chair on the side. I decided to follow her footsteps and quickly got naked as well.

The mom had already seen me topless by the pool, but when I took off my panties I felt a bit embarrassed. Right before the trip I waxed everyone down there and I was completely bare. There was no hair to hide anything. The mother glanced over and when she saw that I had no hair down there she smiled at me and made a remark about how she didn’t know her son liked that. I was completely shocked since my parents are very very reserved and would never say anything like that, but for her it was completely natural that her son has seen me naked and that we are obviously sexually active. In a way it was refreshing.

In the past when I went to get a massage, there was always a sheet on the bed to cover myself with while I waited for the masseuse. Here there was no such thing. Just a single sheet covering the bed. I was a bit confused until the mom walked over to one of the tables and lay on top of it naked. I had half a mind to go put on my underwear, but I figured the mom would probably think that was weird, so I stayed naked and lay down on the table next to her. The lights in the room were dim, but not nearly dim enough to hire my nakedness.

A few moments later there was a knock on the door and both masseuses walked in. It was very warm in the room, and when they opened the door and walked in I was treated to a breeze of cool air from the hallway outside. The breeze on my privates reminded me again that here was I was lying completely naked with a man in the room. The woman masseuse came over and asked me if I had any specific aches I wanted to work on while the man went over to a cd player and got some mood music going. At that point I tried to ignore his presence as much as possible and to focus on the massage.

As much as I tried to relax, it was a bit hard knowing (and hearing) this guy a few feet from me while I am completely naked. I was lying on my stomach, which hid some of me, but still. The woman was really good and as she went on and on I started to relax more and more. Soon she was down by my lower back, but instead of stopping and skipping to my legs as masseuses have done in the past, she worked right down my buttocks. As she massaged them, I could occasionally feel a breeze on my ass pucker. I immediately tensed up and she asked me to relax. It was very very hard to relax when someone is massaging my butt and I can feel that she is probably seeing my most private place. My head was facing down in the bed so I couldn’t see if the guy was sneaking a peek or not, but I couldn’t even begin to imagine what he might see if he glanced over. Then the thought occurred to me that he must be doing the same thing to the mother, and is probably getting an eyeful of her body and privates.

When my masseuse reached down my leg, she had me bend my knee so she could work on my foot. When she did it, it caused me to open up a bit, and I suddenly felt a breeze on my pussy and realized I was giving her an eyeful. I immediately tensed up again and she asked me to relax. The entire time she was being quite chatty and was confused as to why I was tensing up, telling me to relax and enjoy the massage.

Then I heard the guy tell the mom to roll over, which she promptly did. Before I could contemplate it, my masseuse asked me to roll over as well. Suddenly I was lying face up with all my bits on display with a guy standing a few feet from me. I stole a peek at him and he seemed to be very focused on the mother. My masseuse started massaging my chest, and I couldn’t believe that the guy was probably massaging the mom’s boobs at the same time. When my masseuse got down to my pelvic region, I kept expecting her to stop and to jump to my legs, but she never did. She massaged ALL THE WAY DOWN. It didn’t feel sexual, but she got very close to touching my pussy. It was definitely an all body massage. When she got to my legs, she again asked me to bend my knee, and this time I didn’t need the breeze to tell me that she was getting an eyeful. The thought of having a guy there who is getting an eyeful as well was starting to turn me on, and I started to tense up with the idea that the masseuse might notice. Luckily the scent of the massage oil was masking any scent from my sex.

When she was done with my front, she had me roll over again and worked on my back and legs a bit more before finishing up. She commented again about how tense I am and how I should come back for a massage the next day. She then pointed out to me a shower at the corner of the room and where the towels were and told me to come out when I was done. I lay there for a moment, enjoying the feeling of lying naked after a massage when I heard the mother get up. I got up as well and she walked over to the shower and turned it on. I then noticed that there were two showerheads. The shower was completely open, no glass or curtain. It was a wonder that the whole room didn’t get wet even though the floor was tilted. She motioned to me to use the other shower, so I went over there. That was kind of weird, taking a shower next to my boyfriend’s mother. I didn’t quite know how to go about it, I was very self conscience and on one hand I didn’t want to scrub too hard my lady bits, and on the other hand I didn’t want her to think I was unclean. When we were both done showering, it was a huge relief.

After we were dressed, she suddenly looked me in the eye, smiled and said, “lets not mention that one of the masseuse was a man”. I kind of laughed and agreed. She could see that I was embarrassed about the whole thing, but until then I didn’t think about how she might have felt.

Part 2

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Toward the end of my Sophomore year in college, I dated this guy for a bit. We were really into each other and it felt like things were getting serious quickly. Over the summer he invited me to go on vacation with his family. I want to share my experience here.