My (F)irst completely nude massage. Part 2

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Later that day the mom and I took a spinning class together. I ride my bike sometimes, although not very often, but I still figured I would be in good enough shape to keep up. I kept up, but by the next morning my muscles were killing me, especially my thighs and not to mention my buttocks from the hard chair.

The mom tried to convince me to go to more activities with her, but by then I was pretty beat. I was really hoping for a different type of vacation and was starting to get annoyed that my boyfriend was busy doing stuff alone and I was stuck with the mom the entire time. Also, something I forgot to mention, we had to share a room with his little sister. That meant we couldn’t do anything naughty. I figured a European vacation with him would mean a lot of sex, but so far we didn’t even get a chance to do it once. We barely even got to kiss since his family was always around.

She saw that I was tired and down and suggested I go get a massage alone and to spend the day relaxing. I happily agreed and headed back to my room to take a shower. After yesterday’s show I definitely wanted to make sure I was clean before anyone saw me. I then headed down to the spa. I asked the receptionist if they had any spots available and she said the only spot they had was a combination mineral soak + massage. I agreed and she again pointed me to the comfy couch to wait for the masseuse. I was casually browsing a magazine waiting for the masseuse when I noticed someone standing above me, my heart skipped a beat when I realized it was the guy from yesterday. I was about to have a massage by a man.

He smiled, said hello and lead me to a different room than the day before. It was much bigger, with a sunken tub filled with scented water. To the side was a massage table and against the back wall I spotted an open shower. I was still contemplating whether to do the massage with panties on or not when he told me to lay down in the tub and that he will come back in 15 minutes. He then left, so I started taking off my clothes. I quickly realized that since I was going to get into the hot tub naked, the massage was going to be in the nude as well. I slid into the hot oily waters and tried to relax. The water felt great and was very soothing. The tub was huge and could easily fit more than one person. I moved a bit around and then dipped my head under the water, getting my face and hair wet. I then lay back and closed my eyes, enjoying the peacefulness of the tub.

Suddenly I heard the door open and I realized the masseuse was back. I was still lying naked in the tub and panicked a bit. Was I supposed to keep track of the time and be ready on the massage table? He walked over to where the towels were, grabbed one and told me that it was time to get out of the tub. He stood right by the edge and was looking down at me. The water was oily but still very clear, and while the room was dim, I knew he could easily see my naked body in the water. The thought that I was lying there naked in a tub with a guy staring down at my body was getting me excited. He held the towel in his hand and I realized that he expected me to get out of the tub so he can wrap me. I slowly got out of the tub and turned around so my back was to him so he can wrap the towel around me. It took a lot of effort not to cover myself, even though I was really embarrassed. Apparently to him it was perfect natural to have a wet, naked, young woman in front of him.

I stood there naked, wet and dripping waiting for him to wrap the towel around my body but nothing happened. He suddenly cleared his throat so I turned around and with a bit of an embarrassed look on his face he pointed to the shower and told me that I needed to rinse myself off first. He said something about the oils from the water not mixing well with the massage oils. I am pretty sure I blushed with every inch of my body as I apologized and padded over to the shower, leaving wet footprints on the stone floor. I was so embarrassed about what happened I didn’t even realize that I was showering naked in front of a guy until I looked up and saw him standing there with the towel open, waiting for me to finish. He must have realized how embarrassed I was because he turned around and said to tell him when I was ready. I quickly soaped and scrubbed the oils from my body, making sure to cover my naughty bits as well, before turning off the water. I didn’t bother with my hair since I figured I’d have another chance to shower after the massage. He then turned around and I quickly padded over and let him wrap mein the towel. He told me to make sure that I wascompletely dry, then handed me a second smaller towel for my wet hair.

He then walked over and got the mood music going, while I walked over to the massage table. I took a quick look my clothes, lying neatly folded on a chair across the room, and briefly wished my panties were within reach. I then handed him the towel and lay down naked on the table. He asked me if there were any problem areas I wanted to work on, and without thinking about it mentioned that my butt and inner thighs were bothering me after the spinning class the day before.

He started off with my shoulders and neck and slowly worked his way down. I tried to relax as much as possible, but being naked next to a clothed stranger, a man, was making it difficult. He noted how stressed I felt and I have to admit his hands felt great on my body. The whole experience so far was a huge turn on, from bathing naked in a strange place to having him see me wet and naked before and after the shower, and now I was lying completely naked and allowing him to touch me. The massage was similar to the one I had the previous day, and when he reached my lower back I started to tense up. Was he going to touch me the same way she did? He already got a good view of my naked body, all of it, but that wasn’t the same as getting a view of my pucker and pussy from up close. Especially with his hands inches away from them.

When he reached my buttocks, I guess I tensed up quite a bit, because he asked me to relax. I tried to breath in and out and relax myself, but it just wasn’t working. The more he worked on my buttocks the more tense I became. When he reached the line where my buttocks connects to my legs, his thumbs dipped into my inner thighs and I let out an audible gasp. He continue as if he didn’t notice, and even though I couldn’t see his face, I just knew that he was probably grinning at my embarrassment.

He asked me again to relax, and his hands went back up my buttocks, his thumbs reaching dangerously close to my crack. I could feel my buttocks spreading as he kneaded them and could feel air on my ass pucker each time they spread. I was sure that he was getting a very clear view of my ass pucker each time my buttocks spread. As his hands worked back up my buttocks to my lower back, and then started back down my buttocks, I realized that this massage was definitely different from the one I had the day before. I wasn’t sure if he was taking advantage of me, or if he was purposefully working longer on my butt because I told him that I was sore there.

As he worked his way down my buttocks the second time, he again told me that I needed to relax. I finally spoke up and told him that I am trying, but that its hard. He asked me why it was so hard for me to relax, and I shyly told him, that, well, its because I am lying there naked. He asked me if it bothered me to be naked in front of him, and I apologized and told him that its just a bit awkward and its not something I am used to.. He told me not to worry and that he will do everything he can to help me relax. Just as he said this, one of his thumbs slipped into my butt crack and rubbed the area between my pucker and pussy. I let out an audible gasp, but at the same time found myself raising my butt a bit against his finger. He told me to let him know if anything that he does makes me uncomfortable, and I just grunted in approval.

His hands slid down my butt to my inner thighs and I suddenly wished my legs were open a bit more. I had lied down with my legs firmly tight together and they felt very heavy on the table. The whole massage was becoming very exhilarating and his near contact with my ass pucker and pussy was making me wild. He went back to massaging the bottom of my buttocks, the line where they connect with my legs, when suddenly one of his thumbs dipped deeper between my legs and rubbed against my pussy lips. I held my breath and tensed up as I waited to see if this was just a mistake on his part. He told me again to relax, but then he did it again, this time rubbing his thumb against my pussy lips. He then suddenly spoke up and said that he will help me relax. He pulled his hands away and reached for the oil, then dripped some of it down my butt crack. He then, with this thumbs, began massaged the oil deep into my crack. When his thumb passed over my pucker, he lingered and I let out an audible gasp and found myself pushing against his finger. For a moment I thought he was going to finger me there, but he kept rubbing down until he reached my pussy.

He then pulled his hand away, and my heart, which was beating about a mile a minute, skipped a beat as I found myself longing for relief. Suddenly his hand was back, and he surprised me as he placed a well oiled finger against my pussy lips. I gasped and he held the finger there for a moment, before he slowly started to push it in. One instant he was massaging my butt, and the next his finger were sliding in and out of my pussy. It was soon joined by another finger. All I could do was moan in approval. Suddenly he pulled out and asked me to roll over. I was dizzy and my heart felt like it was going to explode from my chest. He helped me roll over onto my back and as I lay down I raised my knees and spread my legs to give him better access. He plunged his fingers back into my pussy and with the thumb of his other hand started working my clit. It wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm building up. All I could do was lie there and moan as he worked me to a huge orgasm. I had to bite my lip not to scream.

When it was all over, I lay there, my whole body shaking from the experience. He helped me sit up and handed me a cup of water. It was weird, sitting there naked on the bed, I could feel my boobs hanging down and my nipples erect while my whole body glistened from oil. When I finished the water he took the cup and helped me roll over back to my front and went back to massaging my thighs, as if what he did was completely normal. He worked his hands down my legs, bending my knee to get better access to my foot. My pussy felt like it was on fire, in a good way, and I found myself wishing he had spent some time on my ass pucker while getting me off. I could feel the air on my pussy as he worked on my foot, and when he switched to my other leg I purposefully opened my legs up a bit, giving him a clear view of my pussy.

When he was done with my legs he asked me to roll over and went over my front. I was a lot more relaxed, even when he massaged my breasts and his fingers swept over my nipples. When he reached my stomach, he kept going right over my pussy, massaging the inside of my legs as his thumbs rubber over my pussy lips. I was starting to get turned on again and was tensing up, which he must have felt but didn’t say anything about. When he was done with my legs, he had me roll over on my stomach again and worked his way back down from my neck to my toes. When he massaged my buttocks, he let his fingers roam over my ass pucker and pussy lips freely. He apparently noticed from before that I responded well from his touching my ass pucker, because he reached for the oil again and poured some more over my butt crack and pussy. With one hand he rubbed his thumb over my pussy lips while with the other he took a finger and rubbed the oils deep into my ass pucker. I was very happy that I opted to have my hole bleached when I waxed all my hair down there before the trip.

Pretty soon I felt another orgasm building. He must have sensed it too because he plunged two fingers into my pussy and worked a finger into my ass. I am not sure how deep he got before my body was rocked by another orgasm, but I could feel at least part of his finger wiggle deep inside my ass. He pulled out, poured more oil on his hands and finished rubbing me down. I don’t think I have ever felt more relaxed in my life.

I think I must have dozed off, because suddenly I realized that his hands were no longer touching my body and that he was standing near my head. He lightly placed his hand on my back and told me that he was done. He said I can take a shower and that there are plenty of towels, and to come outside when I am ready.

I lay there for a bit more, enjoying the feeling of being naked in a strange room after a satisfying orgasm before getting up. I got a drink of water and then headed to the shower to wash the oil off. As I soaped my body down, I kind of wished that he had stayed, but at the same time I began feeling guilty about what had happened. When I got back to the room my boyfriend was there. He remarked that I look amazingly refreshed and that I am completely glowing. I didn’t tell him what happened obviously, and when I saw that his sister wasn’t in the room, I practically ripped his clothes off and we fucked right there. He tried to resist, telling me that his sister might come back at any moment, but I didn’t care. I needed some cock and nothing was going to stop me. Luckily, she came back well after we were done.

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Toward the end of my Sophomore year in college, I dated this guy for a bit. We were really into each other and it felt like things were getting serious quickly. Over the summer he invited me to go on vacation with his family. I want to share my experience here.