Outdoor oral surprise

Sat, 12/08/2012 - 00:53 -- Guest

I dated a girl (lets call her G) for a few years, and we broke up last December. This past August, I was visiting her up in the mountains and we went for a hike. We talked about getting back together, but we weren't ready for that. Needless to say, I wasn't expecting anything sexual to happen (especially because she essentially said that nothing sexual would happen).

The trail we were hiking on brought us through a huge, open meadow of tall grasses. We passed through it on the way to the end of the out-and-back, and on the way back G stopped, turned around to face me, and started making out with me more intensely than she ever did during our years as a couple. I was very surprised by this, and that really turned me on. I got hard pretty quickly, and there was no hiding it in my mesh shorts. We made out for about a minute right there in the trail, standing up, our bodies pressed against each other, warm from the hike. Her wonderful, just-right boobs (plenty of size, but not grossly large) rubbed against my chest, and my hard dick ground against her warm crotch.

Suddenly, G stopped making out with me and, after a quick glance all around (we were visible from fairly far away being in an open meadow) took me by the hand and pulled me off the trail into the field. I played dumb, coyly asking her where she was taking me. Her response: "I'm finding a hiding spot for us." Once we were about 30 yards off the trail, we laid in the grass and vamped from sensual stand-up kissing up to a full on, bodies grinding, hands exploring, lie-down make out session. She was wearing one of my button downs, so there was plenty of room for my hands to slip up to her bra to undo the clasp. It was strapless, so it came out from under the shirt with ease. I started squeezing and stroking her soft breasts under her shirt and twisted her nipples just enough to bring them swiftly to attention. Meanwhile, her hand was rubbing my cock, first over the shorts and then quickly skin-to-skin.

My hands moved down her flat stomach to the now-wet cleft between her legs, first toying with her outer lips, darting in for just glancing strokes of the clit, until she was bursting with anticipation. I knelt between her wide-spread legs and vigorously pulled down her shorts and underwear. I dove in head-first, lapping and fingering to the best of my ability until she shuddered with ecstasy.

I slowly crawled back up to G's face, kissing her thighs, hips, belly, underboob, nipple, upper chest, neck, and jaw before crouching over her, looking intently into her eyes. As soon as she was back from planet orgasm, she tore off my shirt and flipped me somewhat violently onto my back. Without any to-do, she pulled my shorts to my ankles and then sat on me, her round ass cheeks cradling my hardness. She was still wearing my button down, and as she sat there on my dick she looked into my eyes and slowly unbuttoned the shirt until it hung open, still covering her nipples but exposing her free-hanging cleavage. It was at this moment that she was more beautiful than I had ever seen her. Despite this, I couldn't take the anticipation and pulled aside the open shirt to reveal her breasts in all their glory.

I couldn't enjoy that for too long as she soon moved down my legs and bent to suck me off. It started off sensually slow, and G focused her full lips and darting tongue on my head as her hand gently stroked the shaft. After this great build-up, she started to ramp up the pace and vigor. Her hand's actions went from strokes to squeezes to hard jerk-offs as her mouth bobbed up and down faster and deeper. She reached full speed and force, taking several inches into her mouth and saving the rest for her tiny, firmly gripped fist. The buildup was too much to handle, and I soon burst into her mouth in what must have been one of my biggest loads to date. She took it hungrily, and continued her sensual slow blow for a few minutes as the last of my cum exited me and the last of my boner softened away.

With both of us heartily exhausted from both the hike and the intense orgasms, we laid their spooning naked in the grass, me cupping her right boob in my hand and her reaching back to stroke the front of my hip, and watched the clouds and the bees and the flowers and the sky.