After 4 years the tension between my best friend and I was too much to ignore

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Allow me to briefly explain our history. We met four years ago at our workplace. We instantly hit it off, she would come over to my dorm and vice versa and we'd just talk and hang our for hours. We never tried anything with each other.

Then, two years ago when i started dating this girl(not relevant to the story) my friend(will call her Sam) decides to lay all of her feelings for me on the table. I had no idea how to respond. She was telling me everything I had ever wanted to hear her say, but had just started dating this other girl and feared what others would say. I can say now, that was a huge mistake, I should have picked Sam up and ran with it. Sam later tried to convince my girlfriend that we shouldn't be together. Due to this sabotage I cut off all contact with Sam.

We both graduated this past May and I initiated contact on our graduation day and we've been trying to get back where we used to be, but we both know that it most likely can never be the same. She has a boyfriend who she's pretty serious about. Everytime I talk to her, she talks about their future.

This all leads up to five days ago, when I came back to town to get my belongings from my apartment. She asked me to hang out with her. Her boyfriend works in another city during the week. So we hung out Sunday night after he had left and nothing happened. On Monday afternoon, I get a call from Sam. She tells me that she's been drinking and thinking about us. She asked if I ever thought about being with her, if I ever imagined how her mouth was and if I had any plans for the afternoon. My heart immediately began to race. I answered with an emphatic YES!! Next, she suggested that I get to her place as quickly as possible. I inquired about the seriousness of this call, because she's known for her tricky ways. She replied, "Get over here and do something nasty to me". That was all I needed to hear.

I got to her place and found the door open. As I walked in, she told me to take a seat on the couch and wait. She came down the steps like I had never seen her before. Her eyes were tearing me apart. They scared me actually. She sat down in my lap, clutched my head and went for it. It must have been her lip gloss, but all I could taste was strawberries. I was in shock. Out of nowhere, I was exploring, with my lips and fingers, the body of the girl i've dreamed about these past 4 years. It was amazing She has big soft pillowy lips and soft skin. This first segment was a feeling out process and once we knew what the other was bringing to the table, we took off. I ripped off her tank top, pressed her to the couch and climbed on top, alternating attention between each breast while Sam sucked on my ear. Around this moment, she started grinding on me down below(we both still had our jeans on) and reaching into my pants to cup my ass and pull me closer to her.

This drove me wild and got up and pull her off the couch. She jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around me. I walked her up the steps and into her room. I threw her on the bed and ripped her jeans off. I dropped my shorts and got onto the bed. She pushed me over and got on top. She rode and she wound me to the brink. I thought that was going to be the end of me right there, but I regained my breath and control. The visual was amazing from my end, her rapid heaving made her large breasts bounce wildly. I kept missing with my tongue, as I tried to catch a taste. She would soon tire and then ask me to take over.

We turned over and all i could think at this moment was all the feelings I had for Sam. I suddenly realized that because of her situation with her boyfriend, that this was probably just a one time thing. So, I clutched her head and moved my hips like never before: short strokes, long strokes, rapid to slow. Any trick I knew, i let it all out of the bag. Sam embedded her feet into my butt cheeks, a new and pleasant feeling for me in the missionary position, I'm used to the girl's hands pulling me in with their hands. She asked me to go faster and I obliged. I quickened my stroke and her screaming grew louder, she told me she was close, so I kept pumping away until she finally stopped my hips with her hands.

We then transitioned to from behind, but I like to try and stay inside when I change positions. So, I pulled one leg over my shoulder and to the other side, bringing her legs together and then rolled her over on her belly. I've always like this position, because with the girl lying flat on the bed, unlike strict doggy, it makes the vagina feel just so tight. Also, especially if the girl has a little junk in the trunk, the slapping of the flesh has always driven me crazy. We would eventually roll over into a reverse cowgirl and once again Sam displayed incredible riding skills. She quickened her pace and at this moment her breathing became more erratic and her screams became louder. I sensed she was trying to climax again, so I reached around and began playing with her clit until she fell back on top of me. At this point, we each had a nice layer of sweat. Obviously sex will generate some heat, but I'm a furnace. I was tiring and asked her if she'd just like to finish me off with that mouth, she bragged about. She smiled, climbed off and went to work. One hand with my balls, one hand guiding my cock into her mouth. Those big lips felt so good. I was already near exploding but i fought because I wanted this whole moment to last, but it was a losing battle. I lost it in her mouth, she looked up and smiled and some of my spirit spilled out of her mouth. She went back down and sucked me until I became soft. She wiped off her mouth and then we kissed for a little while.

Next we took a shower and then passed out in exhaustion and slept til the next morning. I awoke to her talking on the phone with her boyfriend about what he had planned for the day and blah blah blah. Then, we had breakfast and it was like nothing had even happened. Which, I was happy about.

It was a one time thing, that i think we just needed to get out of our system. We had never been able to express our feelings for each other through that medium. I know, that it's probably wrong, given the fact that she says, she wants to be married and have kids with this other guy. But, my desires definitely got the better of my morals that day and I'm really glad they did.

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