A new collection - Public

Mon, 08/06/2012 - 13:02 -- PhillySon

Since I last wrote about my rolling blow job from my half naked wife, we have developed another new passion; we collect flashing pictures and videos of her a public places. So far we have video and pictures from a train ride, a museum visit and a dinner cruise.

The train was the first time. We were on the car with about six other people, all of whom were seated behind her. Out got out the Sony Bloggie and asked to show me a tittie. After I filmed on coming out, I asked for, and got the second. You can see the people behind her.

At the museum, we were in a room showing a film. I not only filmed her titties, I filmed me sucking those bad boys.

On the dinner cruise, she wore a skirt and no panties. I filmed her getting ready in our den. You could see her freshly shaved pussy as soon as she hoisted the skirt. On the boat, we went up to the top deck as soon as we were finished eating. I got pictures of her spreading on the couch and showing her ass, as well as videos of the same. The risk of a skirt uprising on the windy deck was an all night rush.

Of course, after each of these encounters, we go back home, or to our hotel room, and fuck like bunnies. I am trying to get her to try a nudist resort, but that may or may not happen.