How to break up a boring day at work

Wed, 08/08/2012 - 18:53 -- PhillySon

I work in a two man office about a twenty minute drive from my house. My wife is a school teacher. My boss is very frequently away from the office for weeks at a time. More then once, my wife has come by for lunch and stayed for something much more fun. Today was no exception.

Still feeling good from our prior night's activity, lunch started out with spirited discussion about religion of all things. After we finished eating we started kissing passionately. She went into my office, and after I grabbed the cushions off the lobby couch, I joined her. She was already naked and I soon was without clothes as well.

After some passionate kissing while we stood in front of my desk, she asked me if I was up for some 69. That was the easiest question I had to answer all day. She laid down on the cushions and I got on top. Her pussy was still a bit sensitive from the workout it got the night before from our brand new Hitachi Wand. I went right to work and the more I licked her clit, the deeper she took me into her mouth. My office abuts another company's office, and we have to keep the noise as muffled as possible.

She came several times, and I knew I was getting ready to unload as well. I decided that I wanted to come in her steaming hot, super wet and beautifully shaved pussy. I flipped around and climbed back on top. I almost got a hernia stifling a scream as I came deep inside her pussy.

How passionate was this mid-day liaison? Only as we started to get dressed did I realize I had skinned the top of one foot, and ripped a nail on the other. You'd think you'd notice something like that, but when you are balls deep inside the woman you love, the smell of her essence still filling my nose, and her moving like a mad woman, well a little thing like a toenail doesn't really register!