Rolling Along

Sun, 07/29/2012 - 20:39 -- PhillySon

My wife has always kept our long car drives interesting by flashing her tits at me as we drive along. She also will open my pants and play with my cock. This always had ended at home after extensive teasing and playing along the way.

On our last trip was a bit different. Normally she drives. On this trip, she claimed she was tired and wanted me to drive. About 45 minutes from home, while I drove down a busy street that had lights, pedestrians and lots of trucks, she took off her shirt and bra. At every light she wanted me to suck her titties. I was hard as a rock and couldn't believe she was flashing so many people. She almost made a motorcyclist crash.

The whole time she was playing with my cock which she had already pulled out of my pants. She told me to turn down as street that was less crowded and more residential. At that point, she leaned over the gear shift and took me deep into her mouth. I will admit, I slowed down to about 5 miles and hour as her head bobbed up and down. A couple of minutes of this produced a huge wad of cum in her mouth which went right down the pipe. At the next red light, I gave her a big kiss, she put her shirt back on, and we drove home where we fucked like maniacs.