A Dare To Remember

Sun, 09/30/2012 - 17:58 -- zena

One time, my boyfriend and I decided to go on a vacation together. We haven't had the time to do so because we were so caught up with work and other things. We badly needed it. Seizing the opportunity, we went to a resort together.

Unfortunately, the resort that we went to was a bit lame. It didn't have a TV, a radio and a cell phone signal. Oh yes, it was very outdoorsy. Hello nature! We had no choice but to enjoy the facilities there. After drinking a few beers upon our arrival there, we decided to play a game of pool. To make it more exciting, I wagered a little bet. It was a bet that I thought I'd win. I wanted him to lose. I didn't wager money. Instead, I told him that whoever will lose will have to do the dare that the winner asks him/her to do. Knowing how competitive he was, he simply shook his head in disapproval as if he already knew that he would win. I was eager to win but unfortunately, I didn't. After playing the game, we decided to rush to the pool. The water was a big cold. I dip my foot on the water and wished it was a bit warm. My boyfriend looked at intently. Oh, crap! He is thinking of something devious and I can tell. A wicked grin appears on his face. He tells me his dare.

He dares me to jump into the pool wearing just my underwear. I had no choice but to do as I was told. It was my brilliant idea to bet against him after all. I made a mental note to myself that I shouldn't make anymore bets around him. The water prickled my skin. He followed soon after, wearing his shirt as he throws his shirt on one of the chairs near the pool. As soon as he joined me, I could feel that things were getting hotter between us. We moved to the darker side of the pool where nobody could see us. There, we started kissing each other and feeling each other up. I started to pull his shorts down teasingly and his eyes darken. From the moment I saw the lust in his eyes, I knew that he wanted to collect his dare right there and then. I gasp. I didn't want to do it there. I didn't want other people to see us, most of all. He decided to give me an option. We both looked around if there was a place nearby to have our quickie. We didn't want to go back to our room for it. We wanted it somewhere public. The thought was exhilarating. Finally, we decided on just doing it inside one of the cubicles of the women's bathroom. Luckily, nobody was inside. Before we reached the cubicle, we were passionately kissing each other, our hands going everywhere, mostly in places forbidden.

Once inside the cubicle, he pressed my back against the cold bathroom tiles. We were kissing each other fervently when his hand slid inside my thong, I gasped. I got even by pulling his shorts down but I accidentally ripped a part of it. Things got wild inside the cubicle. We were both panting as we tried to stifle our moans and groans. After a very much needed quickie, we went out of the bathroom together as if nothing happened. It was one of the most exciting and dangerous thing we have done together. I really thought we would get caught but fortunately, we weren't but for some strange reason, the staff at the resort kept on looking at us with silly grins on their faces, I blush in embarrassment at the realization that perhaps they knew about what happened last night.

Guess, we weren't unseen after all.

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