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Have you ever wondered why in general women seem to be less prompt to be turned on than men? Well, they just have a different process to reach that point, but you can also make your girl horny if you do it right!

As a man you probably remember a point in your life (around your late teens) at which the mere contact of air could lead you into a hard erection. Now it's probably not such an extreme case, but you may have noticed it's still far easier that a little event or thought will meteorically rise your level of excitement, while your partner seems to grow very slowly her interest in sex. If you want to learn some tips to help your girl feel hot and bothered when you are as well, take a look then at the following points we've gathered for you.

Write her things (beyond I love you)

A card in her office desk one morning, handwritten by you, will be a nice surprise. But if you include some really thoughtful thing in it, something you find in her that makes her unique, or some reason why you are really grateful to have her as your partner, she'll feel appreciated and awfully attracted to the man who can get her beyond her surface: she will think all about you and how good it will be to kiss you when she sees you again.

The not-sexual shower visit

If she sneaks in right in the middle of your shower, she's probably in a sexual mood or at least wants to fool around a bit with you. However, that works because you'll feel hopelessly turned on by her unexpected visit. If it's you who sneaks in, she might just not find it that much irresistible… unless you do it to only give her a warm hug and get out right away. Then she'll be surprised but also touched by that simple gesture of affection. If she holds you back when you are leaving, it'll mean she's suddenly keen on your company, and you can start to get gradually more sensual: shampoo her hair, massage her back under the water, kiss her slowly… she'll probably want to kiss you back passionately after a while if you manage to direct points patiently up to that point.

Fan her out

Imagine she is sitting in the bed, drying with a towel after her bath. The sight of her naked body makes you feel wildly excited, but she's not nearly as turned on at the moment. She might respond to a gentle kiss, but she is not likely to be interested in anything more than that. To change her mood, get a fan inside the room and tell her, playfully, that you've come to help her to get dry. With the fan on, start kissing her whole body. The combined sensation will be new for her, and air stimulates the different spots throughout skin in a way that no “human” touch can match. Don't be too effusive, leave her space to react and see how much turned on she becomes. If her excitement does not rise, you can end the attempt in the same playful and tender approach, so she'll remember as a fun and romantic initiative you had.

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