Achieving orgasm

Fri, 08/06/2010 - 01:48 -- amber

Sexual stimulation is the most common way to achieve orgasm by both males and females. Penis stimulation is widespread among males, females on the other hand reach the climax more often through clitoris stimulation.

A few examples of activities associated with sexual stimulation among males are masturbation, vaginal or anal sexual intercourse, and oral sex or fellatio. The most common way for females to reach their climax is when a penis or its substitute penetrates into their vagina, through masturbation, oral sex or cunnilingus, or by means of other types of non-penetrative sex. The so-called sex toys as for example vibrators help achieve orgasm in women.

There exist some other types of stimulations that lead to orgasm. They include stimulation of various erogenous zones, such as uterus, nipples, breast, neck, etc.

G-spot for women and prostate for men are also considered to be among the most popular areas for sexual stimulation leading to orgasm.

Sometimes climax is reached purely by means of a special state of mind – psychological arousal can be at times enough to experience the most intense physiological sensations.