Female Orgasm

Fri, 08/06/2010 - 01:49 -- amber

Orgasm in women often becomes a very controversial topic for discussions. There are several reasons for that, some of them are purely historical and deal with traditions, others stem from older scientific misconceptions.

In many traditional societies in Africa they still practice female circumcision as they consider that the woman is brought to this world for the sole purpose of delivering babies after sexual intercourse with her husband and the orgasm belongs purely to the male's domain. Circumcision thus was also considered an effective measure against women's infidelity as by cutting a woman's clitoris out they insured that she would never be able to experience orgasm after sexual intercourse. But enough for the traditional and historical digression.

There's long existed a scientific misconception of a female orgasm that actually differentiated two types of orgasms that a woman can experience: vaginal and clitoral. Sigmund Freud was among the fathers of this long adhered scientific hypothesis that considered clitoral orgasm to be a sign of women's sexual immaturity, while a vaginal orgasm was supposed to be the “real” type of orgasm. And so the vast majority of women who are only capable of reaching their climax through clitoris stimulation were denied real orgasm.

However later in the fifties of the twentieth century other scientists and gynecologists proved the fact that clitoris is not just a small spot above the opening of the vagina. It is in fact the tissue that goes around vaginal lips reaching to the anus. Aside from the extended clitoral tissue there is also the urethral sponge – erectile tissue that becomes inflated during sexual intercourse and does not allow a woman to urinate while having sex. This tissue is also connected with the notion of female ejaculation. And finally the well-known today G-spot whose stimulation also leads to orgasm in women. So there is a lot of evidence for the fact that a female vagina itself can not be the source of pleasure and the vaginal orgasm is in fact a myth. While it has been argued by many scientist, gynecologists and urologists that the clitoris is in fact the major source of female orgasm since it stretches deep into the vagina and therefore many people mistake it for a vaginal orgasm while it is still achieved through the stimulation of clitoris.