Flaccid size vs. Erect size


So this has been on my mind for some time and I can't comprehend it. When I'm taking a shower after sports I'm clearly the smallest of the group, my penis as well as my scrotum are smaller flaccid. I was curious so I measured my penis when erect now it should be at the top side of average or even a bit above, what's the deal with this? Are the published averages a bit too low because of measurement techniques? (I measured with a measuring tape) Or is there no correlation between flaccid size and erect size (strange because even my scrotum looks smaller flaccid). I'd like to hear some people with personal experience on the matter, thanks in advance.


It's the classic show or grow. I for instance am a massive grower. Not that I'm huge hard (high average) but I am freaking tiny soft. My wife calls it my magic trick. That being said. We have a couple we have been friends with we hook up with sometime and when we are just hanging out naked he is waaaay bigger than me soft. But when he gets hard his size doesn't change at all and I am significantly bigger than him. So you just never know and to be honest if your a grower just make sure the first time a girl sees it it's hard. She will be amazed at the change when she finally sees it soft.

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