How do i make myself squirt and cum?


I am 42 yrs old and cant make myself do any of it.


here are my steps, my post was really about debunking the come hither bs all over the web.

Step 1 - talk it over with your partner, what you are going to do, let her know she will probably get a peeing sensation, but it is not pee, make sure you are all both open to it. put towels down if you are on anything cloth related i.e. mattress, sofa, chair etc.

Step 2 - once you are ready, have your lady urinate before you start

Step 3 - she needs to be aroused, whatever that takes, i find performing cunnilingus to a clitoral orgasm works the best for us.

Step 4 - prepare the hook method, insert your middle and ring finger inside her vagina, placing the pinky and pointer to the side with your thumb on top of her vagina

Step 5 - Start off slow, but quickly begin a more aggressive up/down motion putting pressure on the anterior wall of the vagina, behind the clit.

Step 6 - Once she starts to swell, it will sound very juicy and you will feel a large golf ball size sack hanging down inside the vagina (some refer to this as the g spot aroused)

Step 7 - Push the ball off to the back of the vagina and continue to do the hook method aggressively, she should start to pop

Step 8 - If she can communicate that she is going to squirt/piss, you should get a nice shot out of the urethra all all over the place, anywhere between 1-4 cups of ejaculate. If your hand is still in the vagina, she will gush.

Step 9 - Repeat, usually a squirt is followed by a huge vaginal orgasm

ALT - If none of this works for you, purchase a Hitachi Magic Wand with a rabbit extension and start from there. You can get from Amazon. It is a lot of fun. Good Luck :)

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