How to deal with it when you are getting older?


Alright, I admit I'm a 57 year old married male, and probably not your target audience, but I do have a couple of observations. First, nobody warns you about the changes that will erupt in your sex life (hell, your physical life) about age 50. I know we've always heard how older men may have problems with erections, need viagra or have blood pressure issues that interfere... but that's always OLDER guys, so no worries, we've got plenty of time, right. I am upset now that I didn't start having sex at a much younger age, cause now that I'm 7 years into this "reduced capacity/lower sex drive" crap, I feel short changed.

My wife is through menopause, and as a result, we ALWAYS use MOIST lube, no other will do for her... and I find we're falling off from once a week to once every three weeks. The doctor tried me on viagra, (not really the issue) and finally tested for LOW T...and bingo, I find that with replacement therapy dosage, I'm far more interested in sex again. But at $400/bottle Androgel is beyond my reach. Thank god for insurance, but they only drop the price to $65/bottle which lasts a month. So, the big question is, "Is your love life worth $65 a month to continue, AND use up all your alloted annual medical allotment from insurance?"

Comments please. I welcome your input and advise!


...I think the answer to your question is Yes, and that if your testosterone is legitimately low, then you are treating more than just your sex life, anyway.

God, I hope I am a freaky happy sexy 50 and 60 something. Not looking forward to the menopause, it seems really messed up that finally we get past the childbearing years and can have sex just for pleasure and to enhance our connection, and then physically it gets more difficult.

Do you work out? Lift weights? I am 45 with 48yo partner, but we are swingers and do sometimes hang out with guys who are in their 50s and still going strong, physically fit and have good stamina sexually (I do not know if they are medicated, it's a definite possibility). I'm not a guy, but staying fit has kept my sex drive high so far.

The upside I've found to men getting older is that they can take a long time to cum...The hard, then soft, then hard, then soft thing isn't a big deal to me, it's still good sex. I like this much better than the 2-3 minute fucks that I got with my previous relationship.

If sex is a big deal to you and your wife, then don't let your doctors minimize it. Tell them it's part of the glue that holds you together. That you got a late start and want lots of quality time now. That it matters in your life.

And thanks for posting.

ETA: has your wife asked her GYN about the estrogen suppositories/creams? If she is that dry, and especially if she's getting any UTI or yeast problems from the dryness, the hormonal creams can help.

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