We-vibe 3 and public use - has anyone used it?


I've seen a lot of praise on the toy on reddit and occasionally see it recommended for use in public.

My girlfriend has been interested in the idea of it - and so have I - so when i found there is a Valentine's Day deal on Adam & Eve, as well as $20 off with code LOVE20 and free shipping on top, it is a no brainer at just $119.99

While reading some more reviews I'm seeing people say it's not great at going through clothes, and was wondering if anyone who has used it in public/through clothes could shed some light.

I'm not too bothered about the range, I'm thinking of using it while close; bar, at a table etc.

I'm hoping it's worth the money just to use in the bedroom, but public use would be a nice bonus.


Haven't used it in public, but I have noticed that the remote isn't always great and sometimes we have to kind of point it at me a couple times before it works. Even at close range with no clothes on. When you get it, try it out at home when she's clothed to see what angle works, how far away you need to be etc. Maybe get her to keep it in while she's doing the dishes or whatever, that could be fun. There's a few different vibration types, so you guys can also figure out her favourite and go from there? But even if it doesn't work out for public use, it's freaking awesome and I can't say enough good things about it, so it's definitely worth it! Another cool thing that you guys can use out and about are those kegel exercise balls that are designed to strengthen the muscles, some have smaller balls that move around when you walk or dance or whatever and it's stimulating, plus the heaviness of them and the constant clenching around them are a nice, slow-burning build up. Plus they work the kegels which is only good in the long run. Another option if the we-vibe doesn't work out. I'll have to try the we-vibe in public myself, so thanks for the reminder!

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