Virgin here...in need of some advice

I'm a 20 year old virgin--by choice. But lately I've been really and I mean REALLY just wanting to have sex. I've become very sexual over the past few years. I masturbate frequently and even watch porn every now and then. However, I'm insecure about certain features on my body so I haven't been able to actually let go and have sex with anyone. Whenever I've been in a position (no pun intended, unless you're into puns...then i meant that with every part of my being) to have sex, thoughts of "what will he think" or "omg what if he doesn't like" come about.

My GF says "While you are at work today, do some research on Ben-Wa balls"

OK, well, I didn't quite expect that! So I did the research on the old internets thingy. Last night I went to bed before her, and sitting on my nightstand was a case with two Ben-Wa balls in it. Hmmm.

During the morning wake-up sex she says "Did you do your research?" Of course I proudly said "Yes ma'am!! To which she replies "Well?"

Should I let my girlfriend Peg me?

Recently, I would always asking her to let me do anal to her. (Kidding wise .. kinda) she knew I wanted to do it to her. And she wasnt quite comfortable at the moment and thats cool. She was my bestfriend for years before we started dating, so i respect that. but id always ask her but make it as a joke. then one day she said yes, only if she can do it to me first. and she was joking. until we hung up more and when we did stuff, she started fingering me. and i LOVED it, and she loved doing it to me. so then i brought up the idea of getting pegged.

I have a small penis and I find it hard to make my GF orgasm, and first time anal tips

Hi O.org, just wondering what other people do with a similar penis size as me do when having PIV sex. I am around 4 inches (or less), so just a bit smaller than average, and quite tall. Me and my girlfriend (both 19) do missionary and cowgirl, and that's about it. We've always wanted to try a new position but either it just doesn't go in, or it falls out all the time.

Couple question about the Nina Hartley pussy eating technique i've seen here a few times.

Here is the video.

My questions is what do you do with your tongue? Do you leave it still? Do you move it? If so, which ways? Do you just suck? If so, is it one sucking consistency throughout? Do you vary from hard to soft sucking so her clit kinda goes in and out of your lips? I've seen this video praised all over O.org and no one has really discussed what you do while you're sucking.


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