Have you ever had a BJ (or any oral) that felt better than actual intercourse?

Unsurprising: I really love my BJ's.

Aside from the physical pleasure aspect, they just do something great to my ego. I feel more wanted than I do with "mere intercourse" (hey, any woman can just bend over, but a woman who goes to town on you with her mouth... that person WANTS you!), it feels like a "very deep form of affection" to me, and if I get a good one and she swallows I am just walking on air for days and will do any nasty chore that needs to get done.

Do men know the difference between the clitoris and clitorishood? Do you guys find the clitoris disgusting? Do you other women stimulate your clitoris directly or "through" the hood?

I have a little issue with my clitoris. And even though I'm 25 years, I feel really self-conscious about this. My clitoris is most of the time covered with the hood and that's why it is very very sensitive. If you touch directly it, it's not pleasant but painful. So anyways I have always masturbated just by rubbing my clitoris hood and not really even thought about that that I could touch directly my clitoris.

when you are in a relationship, how often do you masturbate?

I am currently thinking i might be a little weird, and have an extremely high libido. Before i started dating my boyfriend, i never watched porn to get off and i could go a while without masturbating, and i would just occasionally have a ONS and be just fine.

Now ive been dating my boyfriend for about 7 months, im 22, we have sex just about every day, sometimes up to seven times a day, it doesnt really get in the way of school or work for either of us, just we are sometimes tired, and fueled by coffee.

How do I give my new uncircumcised boyfriend head?

Of course, I've already asked him this question myself, but my hand is usually on his dick at that point and the answer is always "hnnng that's fine." I don't want fine, I want "holy fuckkkkkggggnnnnnng"

He's the first uncircumcised guy I've been with, and I feel that all my tricks and tongue-mazing abilities are more suited to circumcised genitalia. I want to know how to use my tongue to bring him to maximum pleasure.

Can anyone share tips or link me to a particularly clear porn that I can study?

I'm a fairly confident gal planning to surprise my boyfriend by tying myself up and letting him find me. Not feeling 100% confident anymore.

Help me smooth out my plan!

He bought me a whole bunch of sex toys a couple months ago that we haven't had a chance to use together yet. I feel pretty shitty about receiving such a lovely gift and not using them. I want to make it up to him.

Looking for help to make receiving oral more enjoyable

I have been with my SO for several years, and as is probably common in some relationships, I tend to go down on him much more often than he reciprocates.

However, I am at the point where I am not super gung ho about receiving. I am extremely self conscious about my "environment" down there, and I have a hard time putting that aside.

I don't have a lot of health problems that would affect my downstairs or anything, and I practice good hygiene.

Why can't I bring myself to just blow my husband?!!

I feel so useless. So I was determined to take matters into my own hands (mouth?) and just give my hubby a unexpected blowjob. I even made him sit on the couch with me to watch a movie, when I was going to just reach over and do it.

Instead I couldn't, I froze, I just watched the movie, constantly thinking "should I do it now, or wait?" next thing I know the movie is over.

Can't Finish BJ HELP.

I've been with my boyfriend (first real sexual and romantic long lasting partner) for a little over a year and a half now. We have a lot of sex, sometimes multiple times a day, he's my god he can make me cream in under 5 minutes. Together we have explored numerous areas of our sexuality and are up to trying new and daring things everyday. However... there is one thing that I can't help but believe sets us back from time to time... I for the life of me, despite how I try cannot make him cum via hand/blow jobs.


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