First time anal question...

Earlier I had some pretty awesome sex. One thing led to another and well... I got it in the butt, fully, for the first time. It was awesome. Except there's one little problem. My ass is bleeding. It's not a whole lot but every time I go to check on it there's a little blood. We used a bunch of lube, went slow at first, little to no pain during and no pain now. Not even a dull ache or burn anywhere. Should I be concerned?

It is soooo dry down there!! Help!

I've been on the pill for a year now, and ever since starting it, I have been very dry. I have switched pills 5 times, so I doubt it is any one specific pill. Even when I am aroused it is always just very dry. We have lube but he is hesitant to use it because he thinks as soon as it starts to dry up too, it will just be uncomfortable for us both. Also, I'm only 20, so I'd really, really, really like to not have to rely on lube in order to have sex. Does anyone know what I can do? I try to drink a lot of water. Maybe it isn't enough?

Quick question about sex and experimenting with food

Me (m) and my SO (f) are looking to try something new sexwise and have come to the conclusion we would like to add honey to our sexual repertoire, so my question is this: I know honey is an antiseptic, does that make it safe for her vagina? In case any finds it's way inside, is it also safe to put on my penis? I'd really like to put honey all over my honey :)

Getting Married on Monday! But...

O.org please help me. I'm getting married and this isn't my first rodeo. My bride to be is a newbie down the aisle. We have been together four years. She is awesome. We are great together. Lots of goodness and trust.

The issue is sexual. I want it and she doesn't. We started strong and had lots of great sex, mostly non kinky. She does have some health issues but they don't stop her from other activities. Let's be specific:


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