Will somebody explain to me why I cannot achieve anything near an orgasm during sexytimes? I’m a girl.

This has been plaguing me since I had my first serious relationship. Before that, I thought that because I wasn’t completely attracted to my partner, I couldn’t feel the same type of pleasure that I get when I pleasure myself. The feeling I get when I’m making out is niceeeeeeee, and I crave more of it; but nowhere near the sexy, raunchy, mind-blowing feeling I get when I achieve an orgasm by myself. Why is this, and how can I solve it?

Should I be withholding blowjobs?

In all honesty, I HATE blowjobs and everything about them. Taste, smell, the sensation of something being shoved down my throat, etc. However, I suck it up and do it for my SO. I have never refused and even offer to do it often, but he never reciprocates. He has done it (properly) maybe twice, and then only for about 5 seconds. I shave and keep clean to make it better, but I quit asking because he puts so little effort in it that it isn't worth it.

My girlfriend is having trouble cumming during sex. She claims it's not my fault, any ideas?

For a bit of backstory, for her very first time, she was raped and she told me she could never achieve an orgasm easily ever and I think the two have something to do with one another. I can make her cum, but I have to go down on her for 30-45 minutes first. and even then I have to do a bunch of extra stuff I'm not used to doing. Eating pussy used to be a treat for me, but now it's more of a chore because I have to finger her and lick her and basically stimulate both holes and her clit for a really long time before I can get her off.

Pain during intercourse

I have always been a sexual being. I love sex, love my partner. Within the past 10 months sex started to get... uncomfortable. My sex drive started to drop, and as of late, sex actually hurts. Any time pressure hits my cervix I get some kind of pain, and it's usually a kind of cramping pain that encompasses the upper internal organ area. Orgasms intensify the pain. Anal orgasms with no vaginal penetration results in pain from the same area.

Boyfriend is having erectile dysfunction problems at 20 years old - Help!

Recently, my boyfriend and I started getting sexually active. After being together for a month, we decided to try oral sex. This is both our first time doing so, so with that we were both pretty nervous. Last week was our first time trying and after some foreplay I ask him if he's hard. He says no so we try to get it up again. After some more foreplay, he still isn't hard. This isn't usually like him, as he'll get hard just from the smallest things like me bending over and such. He started getting frustrated and didn't understand why he wasn't getting up.

Women with hidden physical scars, how has your new sexual partner reacted to the scar upon first sight?

We've all read the "I have a scar, would you still date me?" threads, but I want the other perspective. I have a large scar on my stomach. It's about 11 cm long (sorry Americans) and varying widths all the way down. It's kinda jagged, like a lightning bolt. It goes right down the middle, so my belly button is messed up too. I also have a horizontal scar, about 3ish cm, right next to it. I'm otherwise attractive, I think (crosses fingers), but this scar is recent and I'm not used to it.


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