How do you turn down a drink at a bar when you have a boyfriend and still be friendly/polite?

Just wanted some advice on how other women will turn down drinks at bars. When I get offered a drink, I usually tell them "No thanks, I have a boyfriend," which makes me feel like I am making an assumption that, "Oh you must be buying me a drink just to get in my pants!" when that isn't always the case. For example, when I was single, a guy bought me a drink because I was having a really hard time getting to the crowded bar. We had a friendly chat for barely a minute and that was that.

How can I shave my " down there hair" without getting the day after itch and the red bumps?

I shave "down there" about every two weeks, I do a pretty decent job (especially for being visually impaired) I hardly ever cut myself. Nice and smooth just how I like it. It always seems the next day its itching like crazy and I have red bumps everywhere. I use a good razor and I use good shaving cream, I know it's a common problem so I was wondering if you ladies have any tips to help prevent it?

I'm having trouble getting girls to climax by fingering. Any advice?

Whenever I've tried I've actually been rather successful at first, but I can't ever seem to get women to climax. Usually I try sliding one finger in slowly at first, then faster and harder, and then I simultaneously rub the clit with my other hand. Women seem to enjoy this but I can't seem to "close". Any advice? What else can I do?

Accidentally urinated during sex - is this a common problem?

I'm a bit ashamed to write this. Basically, a bit of background, im 17, female, and i've been dating my bf who is 18 for a little over 2 years. We started having sex about 1 year ago after deciding I wanted to be 16 before we had full sex (we did other stuff before that) and he was very understanding and didn't pressure me at all to have sex before I was ready, and gave me the full decision on when it was that I felt comfortable with us having our first time, which allowed me to trust him completely and I knew that it was the right decision for me to loose my virginity to him.

Having some trouble need your guys' help here.

Let's begin here, so me and my current girlfriend have liked each other for 9 straight years. She's been trying to grab my attention all this time and her mother says she was talking about how much she wanted to be with me ever since she first even saw me. Which means she's pretty fond, and so am I. This has to be kept in mind for the remainder of this post. We have just started dating about 5 months ago and have had an amazing relationship thus far. At first, sex and any intimate contact was completely out of the question; I mean simply the thought of us making out grossed her out.

I don't even know where to begin on this one

So I started dating a girl about 4 months ago. things seemed to be going really well. The first time we started being intimate she put a stop to things. I was ok with this because I didn't want to rush things. We waited for another month or so and then she decided "screw it" she wanted to have sex. So we did. this morning she called me screaming angry. She just tested positive for Chlamydia. She spent 15 minutes hurling abuse at me before I could get a word in edgewise. She had never asked and only assumed, but until her, I have never been sexual with anyone. That's right. I was a virgin.


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