Choosing Lingerie for your Man

Sun, 07/08/2012 - 14:24 -- kylerichtig

Lingerie is not only for men. Women wear lingerie everyday to feel sexy and/or confident. Lingerie, as most know, can also be used as a visual aphrodisiac for men.

The tastes of men vary, so you may have to try out different items before you find what he likes.


The color combinations for lingerie carry different sub-conscious messages with them:

  • White - virginal; this woman wants to satisfy her man for the first time. She is only his.
  • Pink - feminine; she needs her man to be strong and have her.
  • Black - exotic; she will have some tricks up her sleeve to impress him.
  • Red - sex kitten; she needs no direction, and will get what she wants out of him.

Understand the context of your man's sex life before choosing what will turn him on the most. Most pieces of lingerie when warn are colour coordinated to create a look. That does not mean you cannot wear red panties under your White silk robe. In fact, you may wish to layer colours to reveal.


Look at the different textures available in your lingerie. Common textures include lace, silk and satin. These textures can be layered with different items. A teddy can be silk, while garters may be made of lace. The robe may be satin. Think of yourself as a gift he will be unwrapping. Additional layers add suspense and anticipation, while changing textures can change the flow of events.


There is no wrong way to wear your lingerie; however, there are a few new ways you may wish to incorporate it. Instead of the classic bedroom reveal of your lingerie, mix it in to different activities. Maybe you could serve dinner in your lingerie, and make yourself the dessert. Wear lingerie in your regular workday, but let your man see, but not touch what you are wearing under your clothes. It will give him something to think about that will send him home right after work. If you want your man to enjoy you in lingerie, remember to ask him about it after. Have a dialogue about what he liked regarding colour, texture, etc. Perhaps he has a fetish for pink lingerie that will help you in your shopping and simplify your quest for the "right" lingerie. Be sure to look at what types of options you feel comfortable with. You do not want to feel like a whore in your crotchless panties... or do you?

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