Things Men Are Afraid To Tell

Fri, 06/29/2012 - 01:03 -- amber

The complexity of female sexuality, and the mysteries that take place inside a woman´s mind, have become rather a common place. Thus, believing that guys are the natural counterpart of this seems like a reasonable thing to do: men are so simple, so predictable, so rudimentary. It truly appears to be like that in superficial conversations: like male sexuality is completely straightforward, and all about genital pleasure. Well, beyond these above-the-surface, well accepted impressions, you might have wondered if it´s possible that your guy really belongs to a whole different kind of species when it comes to mental processes.

The reality is there is not such simplicity in men´s thoughts as the usual opinion states. It is true that most men act in accordance to this idea of simplicity, but when we say they act, we are actually talking about a performance. Our culture is very centered on adopting roles, and the fact guys embrace them to go along with social expectations does not prevent them from having plenty of assorted feelings underneath their skin, without showing them at all!

Here a few hidden realities of the masculine mind, all related specific to sex, so you might be interested in learning them to understand your partner better.

They also like to talk

We can bet there are a lot of things you think about while in bed that you tell your best girlfriend about, but that you wouldn´t share with your partner. Well, this is wrong! Men are also keen on private conversations, and if they involve tips to enhance their performance in bed, it´s always nice for them to hear about it (as long as you mention things tactfully, without trashing down his self-esteem). However, it´s not only about that: if you are enjoying one of his moves specially, make sure you tell him in the middle of action! There is nothing more exciting for them than a girl who is active in bed and opens her mouth when she feels like it, whether it is to talk dirty, praise her partner, give some hints or just moan with pleasure!

They are not afraid of intimacy…

They are actually afraid of losing it. Since boys are forced to repress so many things ever since they first get to school and start to be pushed into the masculine role by peer pressure, they dream about the moment they´ll feel completely safe and deeply connected with a woman. But precisely because it´s something they want so badly, they may act hesitant to get there, or distant once you´ve had sex: it´s only a defense mechanism so they won´t get hurt if this feeling is taken away from them. Just be patient with them and their confidence will grow until they can be openly comfortable with you all the time.

They want to win you over

Sure, they enjoy sex, but they enjoy it even more when they know they have courted you into feeling quite turned on and actually excited about them. They are also open to ideas: if you have ever considered experimenting with sex toys, voyeurism, or any other thing that breaks the routine, come up and tell him about it. He´ll be delighted to know you also have fantasies and that you are willing to share them; it will be a sign that the bond between you two has grown stronger.

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