Anal Sex: A Go Or No Go?

Anal Sex: A Go Or No Go?

Fri, 09/07/2012 - 15:33 -- zena

Personally, I do not like this position. I think it is messy and painful however, anal sex is no longer as rare as it used to. Today, anal sex is becoming more and more common in different bedrooms around the world. It is no longer just a practice among heterosexuals but also among homosexuals as well. A man and a woman can do anal sex if they are both adventurous enough for it. But before I actually encourage you or discourage you to use that position in your love making session, let us weigh the pros and cons of it first.

Let us start with the pros. While anal sex might be a very unconventional position for many of us, it is said to offer a great deal of pleasure to both its receiver and the doer of the action. Women can enjoy anal sex but always remember that you are not entering her vagina. You are entering something else. The feeling might be alien to them however, they find the whole act intriguing. Based on the experiences of men who have tried it, the feeling of the rectum sucking up their penis as well as the tightness of it, were enough to make them feel more aroused. Playing with her clitoris will help enhance the pleasure of the act and fortunately, according to some people, it is possible for women to have orgasms even in this position.

No matter how different anal sex is, the act or the thought of it is naughty. This works best for women who have a sexual fantasy of being a certain character and being aroused by such kinky sexual varieties while the men might also have it in them except that in their fantasies, they are the ones in charge and doing whatever they please with their partners. Both can be pleasured eventually if they continue imagining their sexual fantasies coming to life. Who wouldn't? The possibility of using so many things to mix up the said position varies so much that the possibilities are limitless. With that being said, both parties will welcome the whole new experience with a wicked grin on their faces as they continue to plan how they will do things differently next time. BDSM is included in the said variations.

If you are a huge fan of this position, beware! There are cons to this position too. No matter how enjoyable and kinky it might be to you and your sexual partner. Remember that the rectum is not designed for placing things inside it but rather removing things from inside it. This is one reason why the rectum is not as flexible as a woman's vagina who can technically stretch so that the male's penis can enter her and of course, for a baby to actually be born from her. With this being said, it is only right to say that anal sex can cause a tear in one's rectum. If one is not properly prepared for this position then it can cause a lot of pain instead of pleasure. Lubricants are helpful. Entering her slowly can help ease that pain too. Asking her if she is really into it would help ease your mind off of the guilty feeling as well. It is best if she is relaxed during the whole process so that her muscles will not feel tensed as well. An anal massage and foreplay can help prepare her for the position as well.

One of the reasons that I have mentioned earlier regarding anal sex is that I do not like it because it is messy. This fact is of course true. The rectum is where we dispose the waste from our stomachs so it is only right to assume that it is dirty, not in a good, kinky way. But even to this trivial fact, many have already given solutions so that they may be able to continue conducting their sexual fantasies. Douching is said to be helpful to remove the excess dirt that one can have inside of her before the actual anal penetration. Putting on darker sheets on your bed can help one to stop being distracted with all the nasty dark marks on the bed while getting on with the deed. Using a condom can also help you stop thinking about seeing your member covered with something nasty. Most women do not favor this position not only because of the pain but also because this position undoes them. Women want to make sure that they look beautiful and sexy all the time and that includes being in the bedroom but how can one look just that when she is being hurt from the back and being forced to take a man's penis inside her rectum. I doubt that any woman would look beautiful and sexy that way. Upon using a condom, it is also advised that a condom that has already been used inside her rectum should not be the same condom that you should use inside her vagina. Always keep in mind that there might be bacteria involved and that certain bacteria might just make her sick. I am sure you wouldn't want that.

No, anal sex cannot cause one's rectum to become lose and thus, affecting bowel movement. Although when a woman has hemorrhoids, this position should not be considered at all. For pregnant women, anal sex is not an issue. Now that we have weighed the pros and cons of anal sex, it is only best to remember that before you ever indulge in this sexual position, do your research first. Then, discuss it with your partner. If your partner does not want to engage in any variations of anal sex, do not feel bad about it. Anal sex is not for everyone. If your partner is willing enough to try it with you, it is both your responsibility to make sure that the experience won't be a traumatic one. Following certain guidelines with regards to anal sex is highly advisable. Anal sex does not require you to be an expert on it. You can be a beginner with it too. If severe pain will occur during penetration, it is best to stop immediately. Consider the welfare of your partner. Do not be selfish. Pain and pleasure should always come hand in hand. So to all you sexual deviants out there, anal sex is a choice. You can either have it or not. Nobody has the right to judge you with that. No matter what your choice will have, in the end, it is up to you on how you should have fun with it. Just make sure that it will be a clean and fun sexual activity for both of you.

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