Is Anal Sex The New Oral Sex?

Is Anal Sex The New Oral Sex?

Tue, 09/18/2012 - 16:35 -- zena

Anal sex is considered taboo in many countries and cultures but as we push through the modern age, it seems that more and more people have been practicing it and have been confident enough to accept that they do. In the past, anal sex wasn't widely practiced and was not considered a sexually stimulating activity for men and women but now it seems that a growing trend is upon us. As now, both men and women have been exploring this new trend. It is true that anal sex has become more mainstream than ever these days. I am not sure how to explain the sudden rise in its popularity however, perhaps I can blame this on the recent BDSM trend which was brought about by E. L. James' 50 Shades Of Grey or maybe people are just becoming more and more experimental somehow. Is Vanilla Sex not so popular anymore? Is anal sex indeed the new oral sex? That remains to be seen.

These days, men and women just regard anal sex as normal and sometimes even, a kind of oral sex. Perhaps these days many couples are more experimental and with the internet within their reach, it is a lot easier to find guides online that can teach you how to do certain sexual positions including how to do anal sex. If that isn't enough, pictures and videos can now be viewed anonymously in order to understand what anal sex is all about. Maybe modern technology is to blame for all this sudden change. Anal sex is well-known for being a favorable position by bisexuals and gays alike. However, this doesn't mean that anal sex is only for them alone. Even men and women should try it out if they wish to do so.

When some men and women were asked about anal sex, many merely said that nothing is wrong with it. Some even admitted to have done it or are considering to do it next time. Only a handful of people were conservative enough to not consider anal sex. Personally, I have not tried anal sex. I have read so much about them through my fictional novels – romance and erotic ones. Unfortunately, it does not have the same appeal to me as the other sex positions that I consider to be tantalizing. To me, anal sex is painful and unsanitary but then again, I am not the type to judge. I don't mind if other people are doing it. It is just that I am more conservative than others.

I am ending this article not with a negative note as there is a big possibility that anal sex might indeed be the new form of oral sex for many. With more and more anal sex toys being sold in the market, it is only safe to say that anal sex will not be something easily forgotten in the bedroom. Is anal sex more fun than other conventional positions? That I cannot answer personally but if I am to base it on what others say and think, then, the answer to this is yes.

Whether anal sex is the new oral sex is still up to you. Have you tried anal sex? What do you think?

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