Making Anal Sex Pleasurable

Fri, 04/26/2013 - 01:23 -- amber

Anal sex though not widely accepted; it’s slowly gaining prominence as more people embrace it into their sex lives. Unfortunately, some people especially women find it displeasing and uncomfortable. If you aren’t into anal sex, then, you should try these tips and see where they get you.

• If your girl isn’t comfortable with you penetrating her, then don’t push for it. Since you her to enjoy the pleasure, you can introduce her to anal sex by simply rubbing your penis on her anus or licking her. This is enough to give her a start-up sensation before she gets used to you penetrating her.

• A lot of women find anal sex discomforting and painful since their men tend to focus so much on their own pleasures and forget all about her pleasure. The key to having pleasurable anal sex would therefore involve using plenty of lube and then penetrating her gently. You may ask her to guide you through or, penetrate her an inch, pull out, penetrate her again to about an inch and a half, and keep doing so for a while until you are completing in, without hurting her.

• For an enhanced sensation, do not concentrate on just the rectum or the anus but couple it with other things, like oral sex, to make it more pleasurable. If for instance you are having vaginal sex, you could couple it by inserting a sex toy in her anus so that she can experience a double penetration sensation.

• Maintain a healthy diet especially one that is rich in fiber such as fruits and raw vegetables. Having a regular bowel movement will create a favorable environment for anal sex. However, you shouldn’t eat foods rich in fiber shortly before having anal sex.

• Hygiene should be highly maintained when having anal sex. For instance, after using your fingers or penis in her anus, you shouldn’t use them in her vagina. If you want to move from anal to vaginal sex, make sure that you use a change of condom or use wet wipes to clean up your fingers. Always remember that although one can easily move from vaginal to anal sex, the opposite doesn’t apply, unless very high levels of hygiene are maintained.

Above all, makes sure that both you and the girl are comfortable when having anal sex, and for her to pleasurably give it to you, you have to make her feel comfortable and ready first.

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