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The Anal Fun

Mon, 10/15/2012 - 20:32 -- maiya

Ok now so here’s a myth that says “men loves sex more than women” and they need it more often than us. Oh crap. Being a woman I clearly reject this notion. Women can be as sex crazy as men. All it needs is a perfect “length” to make us go all oooh and aaah. Some women do not like to express themselves as a sex fanatic off bed. They prefer to surprise their partner on bed. Now, that’s a smart move to get the most “out” of your man.

One of the kinkiest styles of sex is anal sex. Oh I so can see a lot of women twitch out there. Yes ladies we all know you love it. And even if you don’t, am sure after reading this you will crave for it.

Bigger “ass” is what every man craves. Ever wondered why? Well you need to give him something to hold on to. And it’s just hardwired in to men; they are born with a convex lens in their eyes. All they need are sharp curves. Naughty isn’t?

Anal sex gives an ecstatic experience to not only the man but also the woman. Men love it tight and women love it hard.

The soft, round ass and the roughness of the butt cracks are the things which turn men on. Every woman knows that their man will love doing the things that are a difficult to get in to. And your ass-hole is the difficult of all holes to get in to. It’s taut and ribbed. Remember the epic sensation you get when he wears the ribbed condom. Oh got that right. That very sensation drives him crazy too. And he gets if from your but cracks. And while he is having his part of enjoyment; our body fumbles with his hard penis trying to get his way in. And once it’s in- the magic begins. A magic where he swishes his wand and make us go under his spell. And once he has charmed you, there’s no way out. The strong thrusts of his penis in and out in and out would tantalize you in such a way that you’ll begin to enjoy this feeling.

And that my dear friend we call - the “pleasurable pain”. I wouldn’t classify it as pain. This feeling is way beyond it. Hard to shape them in to words; it is better felt than explained. The pleasure of his hard penis against your ass is inexplicable. You will reach your orgasm in no time and even after that you wouldn’t want it to end.

Many men have the potential of doing some great experiments with anal sex. Why wouldn’t they- it’s their favorite form of sex. So let your man do the talking tonight and embark on this heavenly journey of anal sex.

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Maiya Hashmi