Doing the Oral Way

Doing the Oral Way

Tue, 10/23/2012 - 00:27 -- maiya

Hello Ladies, and of course gentlemen… I always wonder why do men are called gentlemen..and not ladies the “gentle-women”. Well the answer is simple and naughty..the person who coined this term was a female and she did so after having an epic session of “Eat-out” from her partner. OOohhhh yes..the oral sex :D

Trust me..tongue is the most gentle and tender part of a male body and some real “gentlemen” knows perfectly how to be actually gentle with this organ.

Oral sex is no rocket science. It totally depends on the partners; how well they connect and respond in this form of sex. No guide can make you a master at it. Every guy is born with a soft tongue and hence they are master at their work. If done properly, eat-outs and blow jobs can lead in to a hot and steamy sex session. It turns on your partner with a great force. You can have them in your control with just the “roll of your tongue”.

All a guy has to do is to imagine that he is French kissing his girl’s vagina. Tilt and roll your tongue a little bit so as to reach her G-spot. Oh my God..did I just say “G-spot” guy fears this spot. Oh’s not that difficult to find our spot..we just love to tease our men..dont we girls devilish grin

Girls just love getting their vaginas licked. It gives an unexplainable pleasure only know to the receiver. Always make your partner comfortable with it..even if she isnt in any mood for sex..a perfect tongue job will get her in the groove. Start with a slow massage on to the thighs and genitals. If done properly the massage will go her all wet. Her wetness mixed with the saliva of your mouth makes a good lubricant. Not even does this lubricate but also get the guy in the flow. Just be in a rhythmic motion along with her moans. This will create a perfect balance and both of you will enjoy it. Tease her with occasional stops in between….ooohhhh that will kill her..she will crave you and want you even more and will totally give in to you..this way you get her all under your enchanting spell and chances are that next step is “HOT SEX” winks

I always say, experimentation is the key. Go wild and crazy with your tongue, teeth, hands and fingers. Explore your creative side and surprise her with some unexpected moves of yours. With correct skills you can make her drool over you for just one session of this hot eating out. Who knows she ends

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