Health Benefits of Oral Sex

Health Benefits of Oral Sex

Sun, 03/17/2013 - 15:41 -- amber

Philosophers have clearly stated that what you give is what you receive. The question is, how true or false is this theory?

With oral sex, the proportion of what you give is much as to what you receive. Although the main purpose of administering an oral sex performance is so as to satisfy the sexual needs of your partner, there are several other countless reasons that are of health benefits to both the man and the woman. The health benefits presented by oral sex are mental, psychological and emotional. A few examples of these benefits include the following:

Oral sex helps lower the risk of contacting heart diseases among women. Though some people believe that semen only helps in whitening the teeth, the main benefit is that it lowers one’s blood pressure hence protects you from contacting heart related diseases and ailments. As they say, a dose of semen a week keeps the doctors away!

When under a lot of stress, semen further acts as an anti-depressant thereby makes you feel better, relaxed and stress-free within a matter of minutes. Semen actually helps reduce the levels of stress by 10 fold. Moreover, it helps calm you down hence giving you a sense of contentment and of course better sleep. Apart from this, oral sex also helps boost one’s levels of self confidence and esteem which is ultimately good for your health.

Men too benefit from oral sex. Scientists have proved that the more a man gets to ejaculate, the lower the risks there are of him ever contacting cancer of the colon or prostate cancer. On the other hand, a woman who swallows semen reduces her risk of contacting breast cancer. Since there is no cure for cancer, this is a great way of preventing it.

Semen is highly nutritious as it contains a good amount of minerals like zinc, potassium and calcium as well as fructose and proteins. These minerals helps boost your body’s immune system hence enables the body to fight diseases and at the same time decreases the chances of you falling ill. Furthermore, semen contains high levels of energy so in case you want an energy boost, this is a good way of getting it all for free! With all the above mentioned benefits of oral sex, there is no use in taking medication; you can remain as fit, healthy and well nourished as you may desire without having to book an appointment with the doctor or swallowing some pills.

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