Let your tongue move between the toes for added pleasure

The Pleasures of the Foot

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Massaging your partner's feet provides relaxing stimulation. Use foot massage as part of foreplay to de-stress before easing into sex. Add sensuality by using massage oils, or flavoured lubricants. Flavoured lubricants allow you to continue using your mouth to pleasure the foot. A foot job is described as someone receiving sexual stimulation from a foot.

Oral stimulation

Many love to kiss, lick and suck on parts of the foot. If your partner enjoys having their feet stimulated, try kissing and licking the arch of the foot, biting the heel, and sucking toes. Let your tongue move between the toes for added pleasure. Do not perform any oral stimulation on feet that may have fungus or sores. The results are not good for either partner.

Keep it clean

If you wish to have your partner include your feet in sex, make sure to keep them clean. Trim your nails and if need be sand away any callouses or dead skin. A pumice stone is a cheap and easy way to remove the dead and dry skin from your feet. If your partner enjoys your feet, consider allowing them to be a part of the foot care process. Their willingness will depend on the relationship they have with feet. Whether they wish to participate or not, ask them what their needs are and if you can accommodate them.

Sharing your secret

Sharing your desire for foot play is only as a secret is only necessary if you feel shame. Interest in the foot is the most common sexual fixation that you are only copping into being normal. If you feel shame because of a dependency on the foot, you may wish to seek professional counseling. A counselor will be able to assist you in placing your needs in the proper context, and find ways for you to move past your shame.

The foot is a common fixation for both men and women. If your partner wants to kiss your feet, or receive a foot job from you, be understanding of their needs. Let your partner know what your boundaries are without judgment and let the chemistry build.

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