“Blossoms of First Love - Description of feelings when falling in love for the first time"

Sat, 07/20/2013 - 11:29 -- amber

“This can't be true! Or is it? Am I in love? No! May be? Yes!” I am sure at this moment cupid will be busy receiving compliments for successfully knocking out another stupid being from the love-can't-be-real league. The novelty of the feeling is almost unfathomable. The life was not so bad before, but it never seemed to be so perfect. I accept that I was content with everything but I cannot deny the fact that I find this restlessness startlingly appealing. It quite resembled the scene of a drama where everything else freezes up and two individuals standing in the spotlight are unable to notice, listen or feel anything except each other. The caravan of my life was smoothly and briskly moving towards an unknown destination, passing by junctions, taking along new passengers, wishing farewell to some, until I found him and BANG, it suddenly came to a halt at the station named ‘love’.

The first phase of the first love is Confusion. Love, initially, is more like a fascinating toy to a baby. It’s new, different, and unique. Today, different sentiments come to us, covered with the wrapper of love and this makes it even harder to identify true love. But I understood one thing: when love blossoms in your life, just turn off the logics and calculations in your mind, open up the door of your heart, embrace it with devotion and believe in the unbelievable. No, you cannot fall in love unless you let your spirit soar beyond limits.

It is strange how nothing draws our attention more than that one person. Our life starts to orbit a stranger and our stubborn self tends to be tamed without effort. I am not quite sure if I heard violins playing in the backdrop but the atmosphere certainly became musical. While choosing clothes, or ordering food, watching movies, or reading books, the only question that chased me was: “Does he like it?” My entire personality is decorated with the colours of his likes and dislikes. With each passing day the distance between the hearts minimized and his aura was to be felt forever. Physical presence appears to be a secondary thing as first love is all about being connected, not through texts or Facebook, but through feelings, emotions and heart.

It won’t be wrong to say that love is the fifth and most prominent season. Walking down the lane at afternoon in summer might be a no-no for normal people but when you're in love you know that the scorching sun is actually beaming at you meaningfully. The warmth of love is greater than that of a comforter in winter. Even autumn cannot make the spring inside you fade away. The people cursing the traffic and seepage issues due to rainfall will definitely doubt the sanity of a lovebird who is dancing on the rhythm of rain drops. If you are in love, you can't care less about what others think. As Leo Buscaglia said: “Love is always bestowed as a gift - freely, willingly, and without expectation... We don't love to be loved; we love to love”. So be yourself, Celebrate. You are in love for the first time!

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