5 rules for an “Awesome” first Date

5 rules for an “Awesome” first Date

Sun, 12/09/2012 - 11:55 -- maiya

First dates are all about excitement and eagerness to meet this new person that may probably stay for a long or life time with you. But it is not just about excitement, it is also about making mistakes and blunders that can ruin the fine chances of you to stay with this person in long run. Therefore, you need to be really careful while planning a date and during a date in order to mitigate the chances of blunders and for having a beautiful and fun filled evening.

When it comes to a date and more specifically to the first date, the responsibility of making it awesome doesn’t fall on the shoulder of one person but both of the people are equally responsible for making it amazing. There are some things that men should take care of and women must let them to handle certain things on their own. On other hand women have got other things to look out for in a first date. Normally there is no rule in making dates and relationships successful. It is just your natural instincts and personalities that make the whole experience over whelming. But because people are normally concerned and worried about their first meet ups, there are five guidelines that you can use as a rule so that you can save yourself from making blunders and turning off your date.


The rule is old and conventional but it has its charm and it feels really classy when a guy asks out girls. So girls, you need to give some time to a guy you like and be patient and wait for your guy to ask you out. Girls these days are really bold, independent and confident but still there are some things that look more appealing in a relationship when it is first done by the guy. It may sound like an old school of thought but undoubtedly it works really well and has its own magic. For guy, don’t make girls wait for a long time, ask them out before they do and confess their likeness for you before you do the same to them and if it happens then don’t blame girls.


Again it might be an old school of thought, but some things feels so right if done in the traditional way plus it is not that women can’t pay for the dinner but it is just the matter of basic manners that whenever you are out with a guy, they shouldn’t let women pay and treat them like a princess. Secondly it is good for the egos of men. They feel good about it so why to end up a beautiful and an amazing date in such a useless argument of “let me pay the bill” or “this treat is on me”.

Give the chance to other person as well to speak


While planning for the date make sure it is short and interesting. Don’t give out many details about each other on first date. Try to keep it light and fun and most importantly end it up quickly leaving so many questions and curiosity in each other’s mind this will open the door for another date and will automatically make it more interesting. Now keeping the date short doesn’t mean to rush out of it and make other person feel that you are not interested or maybe you are finding them boring. It might close the almost opened door for the next date. Plan a date in such a way that doesn’t display in how much hurry you are. Rather it must go smoothly and nicely.


Because most of the girls are very talkative and they just like to keep talking might make your date bored. So be careful about what you are saying and how much you are saying. Give the chance to other person as well to speak. Don’t say too much about yourself on first date because it will only kill the curiosity of other person to know you well. Flirt a little, be playful and most importantly be mysterious so that it boosts up the curiosity of other person to meet you again and get to know your secrets.


As I mentioned it before that there are no fixed rules of dating someone and starting up a relationship. It means that you can alter all the above rules as per your convenience. If you feel like that some particular rule doesn’t go with your situation just modify it or don’t follow it at all. At the end of the day if you want to have an awesome date then just be natural and follow your instincts. It will guide you through out this experience.

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