Bad Date Stories: Dates Gone Wrong

Thu, 11/22/2012 - 17:45 -- zena

I am sure we have all been down this road before. Actively dating different people every now and then gives one more of a possibility to share awful experiences like the ones that I will be mentioning later. Dates are supposed to be fun activities in order to meet partners of the opposite sex. Unfortunately, not all dates that we go to end up being successful. We don't always get to meet the woman of our dreams or perhaps our destined prince charmings. I blame it all on luck. The luckier a person is, the better dates he/she gets. Sadly, I am one of the unlucky ones. I have had hellish dates before and I never want to relive such nightmarish situations ever again. In this article, I have compiled some of the oddest dating experiences that some people have had. Yes, that means from bad to worse.

So, what usually happens on dates? There is always the usual lunch or dinner or perhaps watching a movie together. Other dates are more fun filled and more activity filled than others. There are no standard rules to where one can go on their dates. As long as both parties will enjoy themselves then why not? Sadly, this kind of logic is why some men have decided that after paying for their dates' dinners, they can take them to a nearby motel or to their homes to get laid. Most women would be offended by this especially on a first date however, I guess not all women are the same. Some would be flattered by this or perhaps would fall for the seduction that their male dates are offering. Thanks to his smoldering good looks and his rocking body. Just the same, this is still not a standard memory for a first date. So, yes, pulling out a condom from your pocket and shamelessly declaring that it will get used tonight isn't such a great idea.

What happens when you decide to see a movie with a guy and then he starts groping you in the dark while you were concentrating on the movie that you were both watching? Would you be offended by it or not? Surely, I do not want to be defiled in a room filled with other people even if it is actually dark inside a cinema. For me, it is just improper but then again, some women might like the thrill of it. Well, whatever floats your boat, I say. Being ogled and getting physical might not be good for conservative people. If you are one of those people then you would understand this. But how do you say no when things get out of hand? I guess that is one of the hardest parts. But if you are already feeling like you are being violated by your date, it is your right to refuse. Never second guess yourself if you have a feeling that your date might be up to no good.

If your date continuously talks about just himself/herself while on your date, do you think you will be able to enjoy yourself then? If there is one thing I hate, it is self-consumed people. Sometimes I just want to knock some sense into the heads of those people. I want to tell them that the world doesn't just revolve around them but on other people as well. What about if your date always cuts you off as he/she butts in to you when you are talking about yourself? That is another annoying habit that I don't want my date to have. Probably one of the biggest turn offs would have to be when your date not only has poor hygiene but as well as bad attitude or lacking in personality. If your date has poor hygiene, then expect the worst in not just smell but looks. While if he/she has bad attitude then expect that he/she would be mean and would be more insulting to be with thus, hard to stand. Dates who lack personality tend to be shy and not speak. They result to boring dates - a whole lot of dead air and a whole lot of regret rushing in.

So, you have a dinner date with a stranger and before you start telling the waiter your order, he does it for you or perhaps dictates to you what you should be eating and then fusses over how you should eat it. Manipulative people are everywhere however, that doesn't mean we have to tolerate them. I am fine trying to deal with such people at work and of course, sometimes family members and friends become like this too but somehow, those situations are fine by me. I am not the type to just follow what a stranger wants me to do. Such situations only happen in romantic movies and in romance fictional novels that most women like to read.

First impressions last. That is what they always say. Which is why, appearances are important in first dates. Unfortunately, it seems that there are some people who just didn't get the memo. Attending your first date with a bad haircut, a bad sense of style and an unshaven grunge look just won't work. Not unless you can pull the look off that is. I don't think any woman would be attracted to that. Same goes for women who go on dates wearing frumpy grandma looking clothes with her hair pinned up like a bun and with thick eyeglasses. Sure, looks are not everything but then again, they do help people get to different bases in these games and of course, some lucky people even end up having more than just one date.

Dates are supposed to be fun. Thus, asking your partner where to go and what to do on your next date is advisable. Never decide for yourself and then just think that your date would like it. That is selfish. Imagine how you would feel if you were pushed to do something you didn't want or go somewhere you didn't feel like going to? Wouldn't that be such a waste of your time? Commonly, it is the men who are supposed to foot the bill on dates. Unfortunately, due to the female workforce on the rise, more men are now turning into major douchebags and have decided that women should do that as well. Most women would be horrified and if not insulted if they are put on such a predicament. Such a situation is only okay if the woman insists on it or if you have both agreed to “go Dutch” and split the bill.

Sure, one should get to know their dates better on the first date but that doesn't mean that you have to tell your date your whole life story. That is just too much! Sometimes, being mysterious by holding out information about you, can make your date more interested in you. Being an open book is fine but reserving that for later is better than just putting out right away. Sometimes timing is everything. Scaring your date because of the baggage that you carry is just not right. A balance of cocky and funny is okay but getting way in over your head is just bad. Being a frequent person in the dating scene doesn't mean you are good at dating. It either means your dates always leave so you end up moving on to the next one or you just never got lucky or you are just a serial dater and is somehow staying away from commitment at the moment. So, showing off some photos of you and your previous dates to the next on your list just doesn't seem right. It is not like your date actually cares about your previous dates. She/He is not your lover to begin with. Trying to make her/him jealous might not be the right decision. Once again, timing is everything!

Ever had a date with a married person or perhaps a person with a girlfriend or boyfriend? Yes, well this has happened to plenty of women and men in the past. Some might not be bothered by this but I know I am. I don't want to be in a date with someone who is already committed. Karma is a bitch and if such a thing ever happens to me because of such incidences that I have indulged in in the past, I would really be pissed. So, why risk it? I don't understand why people who have partners would do such a thing. What do they wish to gain out of going on dates with others anyway? Whether it is to make their partners jealous or not, I sure don't want to be stuck in between a rock and a very hard place.

I know that there are more people out there who have experienced dates from hell but there are many ways on how to avoid such things from happening. However, I think it would be better to discuss them all next time. For now, I hope that you learned something from the article that you just read. Dating should be a fun and learning experience so better make the most of it. You might not get to different bases or perhaps get a second date or more but at least, you were able to do your best in making your dates work. No regrets whatsoever. Dating is tricky, this I know for sure. If you are planning on a date soon, please be prepared and always remember that getting lost in the moment is okay, just as long as you do it in the right place and the right time.