Bad Manners You Shouldn't Show On Your First Date

Tue, 03/26/2013 - 10:50 -- zena

Let's face it. There are some people who aren't really role models when it comes to good manners and proper etiquette. If you are not comfortable with yours then it would be better to at least do a little training in order to get more finesse than usual. Here are some other bad manners that you should never show to your dates on your first dates.

When you go to a fancy restaurant and you are confronted with a confusing array of forks and glasses, know how to use if not all of them, at least most of them. That way, your date will not think that you know less. If your date doesn't know how to use the utensils as well, it would be a total turn on if you will help her up with it. Other people just wing it. They look around and see how other people do it but that is not really something that you should do. It is best to start from the outside and then you work your way inside. Grabbing the wrong glasses and utensils can leave you embarrassed on your first date so be prepared.

Your eating manners might not matter to you however, have you ever thought that your date might actually might? When faced with bread, you do not just bite into it whole. Instead, you break it into small pieces as you pop each one inside your mouth while you chew slowly and quietly. If you are served soup, you do not simply lift the bowl close to your lips, you use a spoon for it. If you do not know these basic eating manners then it is about time that you learn them to avoid your date from being turned off.

I was always told by my parents and almost all adults while growing up that I should never talk with my mouth full. I was able to remember that simple lesson even to this very day. As a grown person talking while eating and with your mouth full is clearly a huge turn off. Imagine food going everywhere. What's worse is that if it goes to your date's first. I am not sure she will be happy with that. A mouth filled with food is definitely not for talking. Before you speak, chew your food well. Make sure that you have nothing inside your mouth anymore and your teeth without anything in between. Another issue with talking with your mouth full is the fact that your date might not understand what you are trying to say. Your mouth is filled with something after all.

If you really need to go, you have to go but as much as possible, do not make your bathroom visits too frequent as your date might think that you are not enjoying your date and might actually leave you. You wouldn't want to go back to an empty table do you? Another bad thing to show on your first dates would have to be you always holding your phone and answering it while on a date. Whether you are sending a text message, talking on the phone or even using the internet with it, it is still considered impolite. Using a bluetooth earpiece makes it even worse. While on a date, your date might perceive you as rude and uncaring. I am sure you wouldn't want that. You will end up being disconnected with your date while your date might end up being bored.

With her permission, ask her what she wants to eat and where she wants to eat next. Showing her how considerate you are of what she wants will be a big plus to you.

Being bossy is okay at some point but that doesn't mean that you should keep on pushing your envelope with this one. Giving commands to your date is okay at a minimum however, ordering your date about during the entire date will just make her pissed off. She will perceive of you as obnoxious and too full of yourself. Mistreating servers is something you wouldn't want to be caught doing as well. Do not try to impress your date too much not unless you want to look like a fool in front of not just your date but as well as everyone else. Always be polite. Treat everyone kindly. Always be calm and level headed. Your date might actually like you more.

Lastly, avoid risky food orders. When you're going out with someone for the first time, do not get too experimental with your restaurant choice as well as the food that you will be ordering. When in doubt, stay with safer food instead. Once you are already comfortable with each other then that is the best time to go risky. With her permission, ask her what she wants to eat and where she wants to eat next. Showing her how considerate you are of what she wants will be a big plus to you. Never be selfish and decide on your own. She is on a date with you so she has a say as to where and what she wants as well.

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