Can a fling ever become the real thing?

Can a fling ever become the real thing?

Wed, 10/31/2012 - 18:42 -- zena

Nobody can ever tell you exactly what can happen in relationships. Whether you want to get a fling or not, sometimes it is hard to say if it will ever blossom into a full term relationship. Relationships are never easy. That is something that we all know. A fling however is a different story. Flings happen. Sometimes they do when you least expect them.

They can happen at any place or any time. It doesn't matter if you are young or old, penniless or rich, committed or not. The point is a fling is something that people do not take seriously. That is why it is called like that. It is something that short lived and should never be expected to become more than that. Being in a relationship might seem similar to a fling to some level but relationships are meant to last. If you ever commit yourself to someone, that only means that you are determined to be with this person for as long as you can. Can a fling ever become the real thing? You decide.

Karen wanted to do a little soul searching. She has been itching to be alone for awhile and she thought that the best way to do that is to go on a vacation alone. So, she booked a ticket to a foreign destination and flew there to stay for a week or two. She had just gotten her heart broken after her failed engagement. She needed time to mend. She wanted to reinvent herself. After three days of enjoying herself, she met someone there. Like her, he was a vacationist. He stayed in the same hotel where she did which made it easier for them to see each other. After meeting him for the first time, they were inseparable. They spent time together exploring the foreign land as they both ate all their meals together. They were living a dream. That was until their vacation ended. Karen never expected to meet Jake there and she never expected to have a fling with him. Somehow, she was hopeful that they would be something more but after a tearful goodbye, she knew she shouldn't expect more than that. Jake continued to keep in touch with her. It was a long distance relationship. She lived in England while he lived in America. After three months of constantly writing to each other, Jake decided to visit her. It was a surprise.

She was surprised to see him but she let him in

Jake arrived at her doorstep and rang the bell. Karen opened the door. She was surprised to see him but she let him in. He was there for a week and she knew they had to make it work at this time to determine if their fling will last. During their time of togetherness, Karen felt like she was living with a stranger. She did not know him and so did he. He showed her what he truly was. He was a slob and didn't help her with the chores. He often cursed and was moody. Karen felt that they were incompatible. She didn't want to do anything with him anymore. It was like the Jake that she met while on vacation was a totally different person. Before he left on his last day, it was a tearful goodbye. At the same, she knew she had to drop the news to him. She did not want to see him anymore. She confessed to him how different they were and how their lives would be better off the way they were. Jake was hurt but he knew she was right. After a string of failed relationships, he was desperate to find someone who would love him deeply. Sadly, he thought Karen would be the one. It was the last time they ever saw each other and they never kept in touch ever again.

A fling is like a gamble. Just like whenever you fall in love and go into relationships, you realize that sometimes you don't know how long they will last but you remain hopeful that they will. A fling is more romantic than a relationship and definitely more exciting. Why? Because of its uncertainty. You may not know until when the fling will last but at least you will forever remember the memory. I am not saying that it is impossible for a person to ever get a real relationship from a fling. I am just saying that there is a lower probability with it being one's basis. If you really want your fling to become the real deal then work for it. Relationships don't develop overnight. They develop through days, weeks, months and ever years. One cannot simply force it. Remember that if your fling doesn't end up into the relationship that you hoped for, at least, you had it. Not everyone gets flings so be proud that you did.

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