Halloween Style Guide For Girls

Halloween Style Guide For Girls

Tue, 10/23/2012 - 00:04 -- maiya

There is not much time left in Halloween and you might also have started getting invitations for Halloween party or planning with your girlfriends how you will look alike and wear in this Halloween. Selecting costumes, hairstyle and makeup for any event is crucial and important for girls. We girls are so much emotionally involved with our looks and the dress we carry and for the same reason we are particular and choosy in selecting our dresses, our hair do and makeup and all this picky attitude and significance is because we want to look exclusive and different from other and wants to be a trend setter which the crowd can follow. There are many options available in online stores like Halloween Tips but what should you choose?

Halloween is an equally important festival where girls carefully pickup their looks

Halloween is an equally important festival where girls carefully pickup their looks. They spend weeks in thinking and deciding what will be their costume, what kind of hair style will go with the costume and how they should be doing their makeup. To help you out there are few ideas that you can go for in this Halloween.

There are so many options. Whom to be: a police gal or a Pirate? Click here to see it.

If we talk about the perception of the opposite gender that is boys, they think girls look cuter when they wear nurse outfits; the costume of leopard cat women, pumpkin and bunny costumes makes them look more adorable and corpse bride with fangs is particularly popular and likes by boys. Other than that the vampire costumes are also very popular, they are classic and cool. The vampire costumes are also very much in the fashion these days because of the twilight saga and vampire dairies. So when you are going for the dark costume then make sure that your make up is pale which will perfectly match your attire. And when you are vampire don’t forget the fangs that actually turn you into vampire. Witch costumes are old idea for Halloween costumes but still loved by many.

You can be a good witch and you can be bad one which gives you plenty of options for their Halloween dress it can be scary or it can be cute. In Halloween it is not only about dressing up like monsters, zombies and vampires but you can also go for the fairy look which pulls out all the innocence and beauty out of yourself. You can go for white short dress with light green sparkly pairs of wings matched up with beautiful tiara with a fairy dust in your hands and beautiful crystal like stickers beneath your eyes and a beautiful eye makeup and glossy lips will for sure give you the magical and absolutely stunning look. You can also do the half angel and half devil look which will depict your nice and naught sides together. Cruella De vil, cat women and a bumble bee are also the fun looks that you can try this year.

Just make sure whatever costume you select, your hair and makeup must go with it to give you the perfect look of your chosen character.

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