Important Things to Do During the First Date

Wed, 05/22/2013 - 11:06 -- amber

A first date holds a lot of weight regarding what is to become of a relationship. The date could soon translate to you become lovers, a couple or even very good friends. But, at other times, the first date tends to remain just that; just another first date.

Regardless of what the outcome of your first date is going to be, it’s important to make sure that you make it worth your time. To make it happen, it’s important to try out the following:

• During the date, instead of concentrating on your date’s negatives, concentrate on his/her positives. This will require that you look for at least three things that you like about them rather than things you don’t like about them. Even if you are not attracted to the person, you may end up finding that the date will be worth remembering.

• It’s also as important to be nice to the person and communicate through the things you like about them. If for instance they show up on time, are dressed to kill or pride in what they do in life, you should let them know that’s you like that in them. This will prevent you from being critical and will make your date appreciate your kindness.

• In return, spare some time to talk about yourself too. Failure to do so may make your date feel as though they are being grilled in an interrogation room. Also, talking too much about yourself may make your date get bored easily and perceive you to be very self-centred. To prevent this from happening, ensure that the conversation is two sided and that each of one you gets ample time to share some personal information with each other.

• You need to remain present both physically and mentally while on the date. This is an important requirement as it makes your date feel appreciated. At the same time, you should concentrate fully on the date and desist from comparing him/her with your exes or other men/women in general.

• Being real to yourself is the key to ensuring that your date likes you and that they are comfortable with whom you are. As a requirement, be genuine for if your date is for real, s/he will appreciate you for who you are. On the other hand assuming a fake character may push the first date all through the evening but, your date will not be interested in keeping in touch afterwards.

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