The Mars & Venus Argument: Turn Ons for Men VS Turn Ons for Women

Sun, 08/31/2014 - 19:12 -- lmiller

Is There Any Middle Ground?

Men and women often want different things in the bedroom. So how can you make sex as fulfilling for her as it is for him, and vice versa?

Men and women are different in obvious ways, but they stand apart when it comes to desire too. What does it for a man may not necessarily turn a woman on, and vice versa. Women often value an emotional gesture over a physical one, and their turn-ons reflect this. Men on the other hand, often rely on visual, physical cues to get them going. So what turns on men and women, and are there any desires that are shared?

Sex positions

Women crave affection and stability in a relationship, and that extends to the bedroom. Eye contact is a big turn on for the fairer sex, with women enjoying love-making that is face to face. So the missionary position is a favorite, obviously. For men though, it's all about how good the sex feels. Positions that offer deep penetration, like doggy style, are often a favourite with men, whereas woman sometimes aren't so keen. The compromise? Her on top. She gets the eye to eye contact that she desires, and he gets a more adventurous position that looks and feels great.

Slow and sensual

Women crave a man who makes an effort. When that comes to sex, that means more than a ten minute bonk on the sofa with him falling asleep straight after. Women want foreplay, dimmed lights, the whole deal. Men, on the other hand? Well, let's just say that their desires are less complex. If you're a man who pays little attention to detail during sex, then chances are, your girl isn't satisfied. So foreplay that lasts for longer than five minutes is a must. The result? She'll be more turned on, making her more likely to try something that you want in bed. So not only will she be pleased, you certainly will be too!

A visual performance

There's a reason why men use sex lines and watch porn. They rely on audio and visual stimuli to become aroused. Women, on the other hand are thoughtful creatures, relying more on their imagination and an emotional connection. There's nothing wrong with either, but sometimes it can seem difficult to reconcile the two. Men need to realize that porn is nothing like real sex, and women in turn need to be more adventurous. So talk to each other about what fantasies you'd really like to act out, and use toys and other props to bring it to life. Men then get to feast on the most gorgeous sights and sounds, and women get to use that powerful imagination of theirs.

Compromise is sexy

So if your sex life is stuck in a rut and you have no idea what your partner wants, following some of our advice should help. Taking time to understand why your partner has different turn ons rather than assuming that you're sexually incompatible is vital. As the saying goes, men are from Mars, women are from Venus! But that doesn't mean that your desires have to be light years apart. Compromise is the name of the game, and with it, you can eradicate the battle of the sexes in the bedroom. The result? Sex that is good for men and women! What's not to love about that?

Lauren Miller is an escort for the first-class agency - 247 London Escorts. Lauren's career has allowed her to discover the many differences between men and women’s sexual preferences, and understand that these difference’s aren’t necessarily a bad thing!

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Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller is an escort for the well-established agency - 247 London Escorts. Like many women, she has always wondered what really get men hot and heavy under the collar! Lauren’s job allows her to delve into the mind of the male species and pass on what she has learned.