There are certainly few things that you can do while your guy is on vacation

What If Your Boyfriend Goes On A Vacation

Mon, 09/03/2012 - 17:17 -- maiya

Everyone needs a break from their routine life and even sometimes from their relationships and vacation is one of the ways to be away from all routine works and affairs where you spend some time with your friends the way you want. However, when your boyfriend tells about their plans of going on vacations with the gang of his friends, we girls don’t accept it and approve it very easily.

The main reason of such denial is that we will miss them badly and we too want to go with them and to enjoy good times. But boys don’t think in that way, their way of thinking is different from what we girls think. They take this refusal as you don’t trust them completely or you are controlling their life, which is not very good for your relationship.

Going on vacations and taking that small break is not actually a very bad idea, in fact it actually is good for relationships and it blows new spirit in it. In every relationship people need some time and space for their own where they can do what they like to do and in the way they want it and they prefer to do it and there is no harm or bad thing in thinking like that. Even at times we girls want our separate time as well where we can relax and do things we like. So whenever your guy is going on vacations just let him go and don’t make fuss out of it.

You can ask them is it okay if you join them on a trip? If the answer is yes, then just pack your bags but if no, then too accept it with a smile on a face and don’t exaggerate the matter.

There are certainly few things that you can do while your guy is on vacation and can deal the whole situation in much better way. Call up your girlfriends and plan out for the vacations as well. In this way, you will be able to divert your attention from your guy, what he will be doing kind of stuff and calling them after every hour. If not vacation then may be a girls night out will work.

Visiting your parents is also not a bad option. Spending some time with your family will not only keep you busy but it will also make your parents happy, so you can think of giving them a pleasant surprise by visiting them as well.

Explore the area of your outdoor interests like attending theatre, or may be going on some art exhibition or joining some groups, that will not only help you in passing your time but will increase your social group as well.

Job and boyfriend normally keep the schedule and life hectic and now when you have got some time you can give attention to yourself and to your home. Redecorate your place and change the entire theme and layout of your home. Decorate it in the way you like and according to current trends.

As I said when your guy is on vacation you will have some time to give attention to your home and yourself. Join aerobics or yoga classes or some other form of exercise. It will not only reduce your stress level but it will also tone your body and will make you look good and fresh.

Finally, when your boyfriend will be back from the trip he will be amazed to see how fresh and beautiful you are looking, the changed interior will be like a cherry on the top of the cake and sharing all the experiences and whatever you did while he was away and what he did on his vacations will give you guys so many topics to talk about and surely a new positive energy to your relationship.

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