Why do younger men prefer older women?

A cougar mystery: Why do younger men prefer older women?

Sun, 12/02/2012 - 20:10 -- zena

Cougars, that is what we call older women who have younger men in their lives. Although this is not a popular scene in many countries, it has become a growing trend especially after many older women have decided that having a hot, young boy toy isn't so bad at all. In Hollywood, many celebrities have fallen prey for this trend. Demi Moore, who was once married to Bruce Willis, made headlines when she got hitched again but to a younger actor, Ashton Kutcher. Although the two separated just recently, that doesn't change the fact that they did love each other and that they were not ashamed of their huge age gap.

Another famous celebrity cougar who is currently making headlines is none other than Jennifer Lopez. After having twins with her husband Marc Anthony, they called it quits and now, she is dating her 24 year old dancer, Casper Smart. Apparently, being 42 doesn't really bother her or him at all. Mariah Carey is another celebrity cougar diva who got married to Nick Cannon. They welcomed their twins in their reunion and based on their pictures together, it seems the couple is still in wedded bliss. So, what's their secret? How did these older women snag men half their age or perhaps just a couple of years younger than them? Could it be that older women know something that younger women don't? Are they really more appealing? I am sure many people wonder and many younger women and older men disagree with that.

Because of this trend, parents are now advised to hide their sons instead of their daughters. Even in the erotic fictional series, Fifty Shades Of Grey, Christian Grey was no match for the devious Mrs. Robinson and her charms. Because of her, he became more of the dominant that he was. Now, I really wonder what older women have that younger women don't. I pondered hard on this and realized that there might be more than meets the eye. Here are the reasons that I came up with so far...

Older women are far more experienced. True. With age comes wisdom and we can't really deny that. With that being said, it is only fair to say that older women have had to deal with many different situations more times than younger women. They have made, if not several but many decisions, some life changing and others not so much. Because of these experiences, they are less likely to be susceptible to the usual drama that younger females bring upon relationships. For example, they are less likely to get drunk and embarrass you in front of everyone. For younger men, this means they are low maintenance and less hassle. Now, who wouldn't want that?

Aside from that, there is also this idea that might or might not be true but is still countable due to the first one that I pointed out. Older women give better advice. They can help younger men deal with almost anything. From the work related blues to their family spats, they can guide them to a better and more successful life, provided that this older woman that you dated has a stable life as well.

Older women are better at taking care of their health. This one I was a bit partial on. I didn't know whether to agree or disagree with it but somehow it could be true. Since they are older than you, they probably started doing bad habits younger and have learned from them earlier than you which means they have already kicked their bad habits and replaced them with good ones. They know the repercussions of their actions and would probably want to share that lesson with someone younger. Older women don't go heavy drinking, smoking or staying out all night long. They're more likely to enjoy eating healthy dishes and working out regularly especially if they want to maintain their cougar like figures. Vanity is a part of it for sure but who doesn't want to stay good even when they are older? They know that doing things to improve themselves will benefit them more than being influenced by other people to do things. This kind of restraint and self-respect is something that men find attractive.

Older women know that they are old but that doesn't mean, they can't have fun. Younger men probably like older women more because they are less self-conscious about themselves and their bodies which only makes sex and other activities more fun. I forgot where I saw it but there were some movies that I saw with older women parading their men and older women wowing the crowd with their somewhat flexible bodies. Honestly, I want to un-see those things but apparently, it is a little too late now. Many older women don't care if you make love while the lights are on because you might see something that you like. They don't mind doing it anywhere, with or without the sheets. They might have control over other things but when it comes to their sexuality and their sexual practices, older women are more loose and open to new things which younger men find really appealing.

If you are like one of the women from Sex In The City and have had a lot of partners over the years, I don't think you would still be shy to talk about private things. Older women know what they like and are less afraid to talk about them. They are sure of themselves and know that they will get them eventually. This certainty gives them a kind of boldness and sexiness that younger men crave for with their partners. Most younger women would do things to please their partners but some are shy to tell their partners what they really want in bed. Older women will tell you exactly what they want and how they want it. To a younger man experiencing this, this is like being given a tutorial to a certain game that they would like to play. Of course, if cheat codes are handed out, would you still do anything wrong? I guess not.

These reasons might or might not be the real reasons as to why younger men like older women but I guess it is up for them to decide. Although there are plenty of younger women in the sea, sometimes some younger men really prefer something different. If older women can give them more pleasure than younger women then who are we to judge them? Personally, I might not like the idea of it and might be a bit uncomfortable because of it but that doesn't mean that I hate such couples. People have the right to choose who they want to be with, no matter what regardless of their age. As many people say, age is just a number, so why make a big deal out of it? Anyway, if these reasons are true then it is beneficial for many older women and younger men out there but bear in mind that this is also encouraging especially for younger women who think that getting older is a curse. What most young women don't realize is that getting older is something to look forward to especially if you are going to grow old gracefully. So, don't worry about aging too much. It is just normal. For all you know, you might even continue to get hotter as you age. Now, what kind of woman in the right mind wouldn't want that?

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