69 Sitting

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 00:03 -- amber

Whoever said just sitting around all day was a bad thing obviously never learned this position.

With some crazy upside-down action going on, this position may look like a marvel at first, but it actually requires little effort to achieve, making it the perfect trick to try with your long-term lover to spice things up or really wow someone new in bd. Sit on the edge of an elevated surface – a bed, a chair, etc.. Then, pull your partner on to your lap, taking their legs and pulling them up to rest on your shoulders and then embracing your partner by the waist.

Your partner can support his or herself by wrapping their legs around your neck and by resting their hands on the edge of the bed. These supports are crucial to the success of this position. But after that, just sit back and enjoy… and whatever else, don’t forget to reciprocate the favor!