69 Standing

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 00:03 -- amber

This trick is not for beginners. The standing 69 requires upper body strength, stamina, and, most of all, complete faith in one another. Until the strength to lift your partner’s weight and trust have been developed in the relationship, do not even attempt this position.

Start off in a sitting 69 position (detailed in an earlier post) and hold on to your partner’s waist tightly as you stand. Make sure your partner’s legs are firmly wrapped around your neck before you even try to stand. As you transition between the two positions, let your partner slip their hands around your waist for even more support. Be sure to move very slowly in to this position, as to not cause any accidents.

Because the shift between sitting and standing may be strenuous and somewhat awkward for your partner, make sure to lift from your knees so as to not accidentally knock in to them and cause unintended pain. No sex bloopers for your bedroom!