Sat, 01/21/2012 - 01:05 -- amber

This position is incredibly intimate and loving… and pleasurable, let’s not forget that!

To get in to the “Cradle” position, the man should kneel on the bed, his legs together to make it easier for the woman to get her legs around him. The woman should then lay down on her back, her legs around, then lift herself up on all fours so she is up like a bridge, pressed against the man’s body. To support her in this position, the man should place his hands on the woman’s haunches. As the man thrusts in to the woman, the woman should grind against the man, adding a second dimension of pleasure that is sure to rock you to orgasm. Because this position is somewhat strenuous on the arms for the woman, it may not be sustainable for very long, although it is worth every bit of time spent in it.

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