Sat, 01/21/2012 - 01:06 -- amber

Something this dirty could never be holy. The “Cross” position allows for a unique angle of penetration and a sexy hand-holding to keep the couple connected through this position that lacks a lot of intimacy.

Start with the man lying on his side on the bed, his body twisted so that his back is against the bed and he is supported by his arm. On the side his genitals are exposed on, the woman should lay with her back flat against the bed, her legs arching over the man’s legs to the other side of his body. The couple should then proceed to find a rhythm to thrust in that is conducive to their pleasure.

While this position lacks intimacy and real connection, the couple has the ability to hold hands while making love, which can create a closeness in this position not possible in other positions where the couple cannot make eye contact.